California: 1% Nation/Homeless Capitol

California is headed toward a dead-end. Many state senators and defenders of the land will say “We have the fifth largest economy in the world,”. Yet, what these people don’t seem to get, is just because your over all economy is prosperous, doesn’t mean your population shares in that prosperity.

Poverty in California is rising, one in five people are poor and with a poverty rate at 20.6% it makes you really wonder what they’re doing about it. It contains 12% of the nation’s population but contains a third of America’s welfare recipients.  Every year an estimate 25.3 billion of California tax dollars goes to the estimated 3million illegal aliens living there. In light of ICE raiding and deporting the undocumented, who are in many cases violent criminals, California created a budget just for deportation defense. A total of $45 million to give illegal immigrants heading for deportation a lawyer. However, the LATimes reported that not a penny has been spent to help the homeless. They have a total of $2billion to help house the homeless and there has been no sign that anything has been accomplished.

What’s worse; California has 58 laws just to harass, and sometimes even punish, the homeless. This makes life miserable for the homeless, and if anything, makes it harder for them to get OUT of homelessness. It’s even illegal to feed them in public, as though they weren’t human and nothing more than pests.

I was homeless for four years, I know how hard some things were. People look at you as though you’re nothing more than a burden on their eyes. Yet I firmly believe that you can judge a society based on how they treat the people who are most vulnerable. To know that this is how people treat their homeless, people who USED to be part of that community. I say California is disgraceful. The funny part is, the leftists who want illegal immigrants to stay are the same ones who supposedly hate the 1%. Well guess what, you’re living in the 5th largest economy and have the highest poverty rate in America. Do you know what that says? It says you’re living in a nation of the highest concentration of  1% in the country and you glorify it! It puts people who aren’t even supposed to be there above the very people it was supposed to protect. I hope California crashes and burns, they will have nobody to blame but themselves.


3 Ways Trump Supporters Can Change Their Strategy

Not too long ago I decided to create my own group in my own little town only because people were very shy about being Trump supporters. Then the disaster in Charlottesville happened and it made me realize how much more more embarrassed people would be to be politically associated with Trump. I realized that Trump supporters had to change their entire strategy all around in order for the shier type to come out of the wood-works.

  1. When ANTIFA Plans Protests Don’t Go

They’re planning a nation wide protest for November 4th for the removal of Donald Trump for which I advise no counter protest. Let them riot in the streets and get arrested. The way to win this is to let them act like the fools they are and vandalize property for no reason. If it looks like they vandalized property for no reason at all when you don’t show up to counter their protest… then they look like idiots and it gets on locals nerves. Especially property owners who have had their property smashed over and over again. We want to stand for their freedom of speech too and we can do that by allowing them their own platform with their own protests and not counter protesting them at all. It’s also hard to stay organized when counter protesting, because you don’t know what exactly they have planned.

2. Switch to Silent Protests and Turn the Other Cheek

Now that the mainstream media is painting Trump and his supporters as white supremacists the best thing they can do for themselves is change their strategy. With ANTIFA using as much violence as they do, Trump supporters would highly benefit from simply locking arms, not saying a word, and allowing the urine, rocks, and feces to be thrown at them. Face it, the media is going to make you out to look like white supremacists if you defend yourself or others. There are many ways to winning a war and it doesn’t always take the loudest voice. Being silent amongst a crowd of people who are yelling insults, throwing vile things at you, and causing grave bodily harm is louder than any megaphone. Especially if you’re quiet, every ounce of noise will be coming from your opponents and in this day and age everything is recorded.

3. Do More Community Service

If you’re in your Trump hats just picking up trash, giving blood, or doing things that you don’t necessarily need an official stamp of approval for it looks better on both you and who you represent. This shows that you’re willing to put time aside to just focus on things that most don’t and it makes those who are calling you fascists look like the fascists. However, it feels good to do good for others, and it also alleviates the stress of being associated with the group.

Doing these three things in combination builds up a reputation for both you and the person you represent which will move you away naturally from the white supremacist label. You won’t have to rely on the media because it will be your actions based on a personal level through the positive light of volunteer work, and the negative light your opponents portray themselves as, without you in the picture, unless you are the victim. I know Donald Trump supporters are the type to hit back, but we should also believe that second place winner is first place loser. And we’re in it to win, because we need our country in one piece.