My Personal Guide Lines

The content on this webpage consists of:

  • Politics
  • Gender Issues
  • Philosophy
  • History

There are several rules I live by when it comes to writing that regular media doesn’t:

  1. Only use primary and secondary sources. Too many blogs out there link to other blogs, and many have no links at all. Primary and secondary sources are key to good stories. Without them, they fall apart and makes you look extremely unreliable.
  2. Always double check, Social media is drowning in fake news articles, always double check to make sure to confirm stories. There’s nothing that feels worse than putting something up and then realizing that it was based off something fake.
  3. Be willing to change your conclusions based on new information. Too many people leave fake news articles up even after they’ve been proven fake.
  4. If something has been proven fake on other sights, make an article denouncing it.
  5. Check the date, watch out for April 1, many news outlets like to print prank news articles.

If you don’t like something on this page, don’t come to this page.