Leftist Violence

Since you cannot look them up on Google without any reliable source misleading you, and you cannot find them all without working for hours on end. I have decided to dedicate an entire page to JUST documenting all the known attacks of leftist attacks from the left towards the right. This will, of course, take time.

This Page will be divided into three categories:

  1. History: This page allows you to view the history of the left in America and how it has misled the current youth. This trail of lies leads as far back as the civil war.
  2. People: This page allows you to view profiles on people who were with the left who were either violent, called for violence, or were falsely praised as a hero & were actually violent. All sources will be posted below and they will be linked to the link on the time-line.
  3. Attack Time Line: This page allows you to view a time-line of events side by side with links to sources.

Attention: This page and everything connected to it is constantly evolving