My Local Domestic Violence Shelter, Quanada, Has Blocked Me on Facebook


I’m not sure exactly what I did to warrant it, though I’m certain I’ve never ‘harassed’ anyone on their site. My local Domestic Violence shelter is pretty selective about which women’s opinions it wants on its site.  The most I’ve ever done was constructively criticize their position on how they portray Domestic Violence. Often it’s females as victims and males as perpetrators. I’ve been vocal of the way they’ve stereotype and attached gender to Domestic Violence roles. So I do like to occasionally go to their Facebook page and read some of their content to comment. However, the other day was different.

I noticed, initially when I had attempted to comment on one of their articles, and I had no option to reply. It had been months since I had even visited the site. So why had I even been blocked? I haven’t done anything to them, anything that is, except being an open critic of the facility. Even then, it had been over five months since I had even engaged or mentioned their name. So they either targeted me and did it without me knowing, or I’ve been blocked for awhile.

Quanada 2

When I checked to see if I sent them any emails, I found that my outbox was completely empty. I had not sent them anything directly to warrant a block. A matter of fact, I hadn’t sent them anything on their inbox an ALL.




I wanted to make certain that I was blocked. So I looked through my boyfriend’s account, he was allowed to reply and comment. It seemed that I really was put in a situation where I was targeted and silenced.

The point is, this facility receives public funding and is a non-profit, taxpayer funded organization. Is it even allowed to block one of its critics if they’re not harassing them? If they did not block me for criticizing them, are they allowed to block me for no reason at all? I would say NOT. I know for a fact that part of my own taxes go to this group and I should not be silenced for doing NOTHING wrong.

Whatever I allegedly did, I didn’t even receive a Facebook ban for, that’s how pitiful it probably was.


Should You Be Able To Sue the Media For Damages For Labeling a Person a Survivor or Victim BEFORE a Conviction?

The presumption of innocence used to be taken very seriously in this country. Recently, however, it has been taken so lightly that a mere accusation has turned the courts into a system of a presumption of guilt. The media has not helped in this situation and in the movement of #metoo any woman who has made an accusation is too often immediately labelled by the media as a ‘Survivor’ or a ‘victim‘.

When a paper is writing about any other criminal act the word ‘alleged’ must be used, the presumption of innocence is taken seriously or else the accused could sue for damages if they’re found innocent in the end.

It is a different story with today’s sexual accusations, as soon as a person makes their accusation the media labels the person either a ‘Survivor’ or ‘victim’ but does not place the word ‘allegedly’ before these words anymore. Is this right? It is apparent that we now instinctively label an accuser as a ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’, but does this word break the boundaries of presumption of innocence? Many times the process of discovery is just as dirty as the accusation itself, could these how we paint someone cast a shadow on the outcome of their lives? Placing doubt in the minds of enough people IS a political influence itself.

One can only be a survivor if one is FIRST a victim, one can ONLY be a victim if the person they’ve accused has been convicted, calling an accuser a ‘survivor’ without the accused being convicted is a violation of the accuser’s right to due process. So technically you should be able to sue for damages for anyone who used that word or the word ‘victim’ in connection to the accuser’s name for a violation of his or her due-process. If you can sue because a paper does not use the words “allegedly” in violation of due process (which people have) then you should be able to sue for referring to a woman as a survivor/victim BEFORE her alleged perpetrator has been tried and convicted. Anything before this should be considered defamation. She doesn’t become a victim UNTIL he is found guilty.

I petition that any news media channel that uses the word victim or survivor in connection with an alleged perpetrator before they are convicted should be found guilty of Defamation of Character or liable for any damages caused. Apologies not accepted- it’s too easy to be sorry.



The Far Left Is Creeping Up Even On Some of the Most Conservative Campuses


I was picking up my school books for this fall at the local University known as Quincy University. It is a Catholic Private School, meaning it is probably going to be as conservative and as open-minded as I’m going to find within fifty miles. They are pretty even keeled and very pro-free speech, which some find hard to believe when I tell them this, because they’ve never seen anything beyond their own town. The amount of support it had for Trump was through the roof.

However, even on a campus that’s insulted with a conservative town, the left is working its way into targeting its next generation. Probably right under this towns nose, these books are signs that the left making its way towards mass indoctrinations:


This would make sense if these were in the school library, but these are books that are in the book store. They were books specifically there to be picked up because they were requested to be used by professors in their classes. I realize today it’s considered a “feminist’s” world, which I don’t agree with, but to have an entire class on it? However, it is a private campus. Yet the second picture is where I get concerned. The fact that this was even on anyones list says that there is a problem, yes there can be a conversation, but to have an entire book for the class? That’s an over reach.

Hate speech is free speech, if you don’t like that speech, then speak your mind. The only way to fight hate speech is with more speech. The moment you start to even think the answer is to close your mouth, our country is dead.

If this is a Catholic Campus, think of how bad a non-religious campus that runs on public funding is. Think of how tied down those students voices are, if this is just a sample of what I’m expecting here.


Eleven Children Rescued in New Mexico Were Being Trained For School Shootings


There was a frantic search for a little boy who had allegedly been taken by his father. Siraj Wahhaj, 39, was suspected of kidnapping his three year old son who was disabled and was in the custody of his grandfather. The chase led to New Mexico, where low and behold, Police found eleven other children, in a compound in the middle of the desert. Without water, disgusting conditions, and practically starving to death.

When this was initially reported, the story was that three women and two men were arrested after finding them with eleven children. However, they only showed the mugshots of the men and the horrible living conditions. Being that we live in a rather feminist society I didn’t think much of it at first.


Then, I ran across a blog post on facebook saying that the New Mexico bunker was really a place to train future school shooters. I like looking into these things, only because I like to get my facts straight to know in the future. I found a news article that linked to an article from the UK that showed the mugshots to the three women that were apprehended. Now I see why CNN didn’t put them in their original post, when they say they “asked the captain to confirm a Muslim connection” in their second article (which was in no way in their first) this should have given it away at the very beginning.



Of course this doesn’t show the initial intent behind the abduction or that Islam played a part, but with holding information from a story is lying to the public. Nobody said that there were suspicions that Islam could be involved, no, they completely withheld the information completely. I had to find out through a blog circulating on social media, and confirm it through a source, which at the time, was only posted through a different country’s media. Even though the media DID eventually cover it, it was extremely defiant and dishonest in its initial presentation of all the facts. If an alternative news source hadn’t covered it, I doubt there would have been any mention of it at all.

In doing more research, I ran across a video that basically spells out everything in capital letters.

This explains the media’s silence and their reluctance to talk about it afterwards, it comes to show they were silent even when the curtain was pulled back. Even when we thought we knew everything, they were still ‘keeping us in the dark’. It comes to show how dishonest the media has truly become.


Steve Ybarra’s Story, Domestic Violence


Steve Ybarra is a Mexican-American man in his thirties who is going through a Domestic Violence situation with his ex, Michelle Ybarra. According to documentation through video, pictures, and witness testimony, Steve Ybarra has been a victim of his abuser for the past three years of their marriage. He is currently in the middle of a divorce and is in the middle of a custody battle of their young son, Leo.

Due to the video being so long, I’m writing out Ybarra’s story. You can watch the full video at the Bottom but it is long and the Microphone STINKS!

Ybarra got married to Michelle, who already had a child from a previous relationship. They were married for a little over three years, during at which time, his friend was telling him he was being abused. It took some time for him to believe it, but over a course of years, with consistent fits and bursts of anger he was convinced.

He eventually began documenting her outrageous behavior through time. He would get extreme over reactions. Being that he is five foot eleven and nearly pure muscle, why would he have anything to fear? During their arguments, he said that she would take both the children and leave, no matter what the whether was like. Taking a baby, barely a year old, can be hazardous to their health if not properly heated.  Making things over dramatic, when they clearly didn’t have to be.

They hit rock bottom at one point, they became homeless and were allegedly living in a hotel where Ybarra decided to take their son and move in with a friend in Quincy Illinois. Michelle filed for divorce and claimed he was cheating on her. In her statement she claimed that he was prostituting himself, he allows his son to play with guns, she isn’t comfortable with him being around his father, and that there are pictures pinned to the court document of pictures he sent to her via text message.

MICHELLE’S Court Statement


Picture Attached To Michelle’s Court Statement Allegedly Received Via Text Without Her Present


It was revealed that Michelle was lying, and not only did she not receive the pictures via text message, but the content didn’t come from a picture at all. The picture that was included was an edited screen shot of a video clip. There were no guns included in the clip and they were merely parts of guns. Michelle claimed to have disapproved of her son playing with the gun parts, but conveniently failed to mention she had cropped herself out of the photo she had provided as evidence. Notice, in the following picture the open screen marked “properties” the date of ‘5/31/2018’, Steve left June 11, 2018. The woman in the picture, is none other than Michelle Ybarra.


Tampering with evidence is obstruction of Justice and is FELONY in Illinois!

Steve also held three jobs in Quincy at the time of his alleged prostitution. Two of them, at night and another at all hours, giving him no real opportunity. Just a thought, you can’t claim someone is cheating on you, then claim they’re out prostituting themselves, people who cheat have money already and people who prostitute don’t need three jobs.

Michelle is psychologically disturbed:




Verbally Abusive to Children





Racially Discriminatory (you have to turn this one up it’s hard to hear)





Then Turns to Physical Assault





received_394611164356560Scratchmarks Outer ThighScratchMarksInner ArmScratchMarksBackof Neck

Why does this matter? He’s big enough to defend himself!

She BROKE THE LAW! She needs to be PUNISHED he should be treated with just as much respect as any other victim of abuse; he respected her in the fact that he didn’t knock her out.


(This is VERY low, the microphone is VERY poor sorry)

Quincy Tea Party Gives Neutral Platform to Libertarian Candidates

This past Saturday, I went to a luncheon partially hosted by Quincy Tea Party. The Quincy Tea Party does not endorse any candidates but does believe in giving all candidates a public platform to voice their ideas. I listened to Libertarian candidate, Kash Jackson‘s positions on many things, got to speak with him one on one, and found out why he got started in politics.

I heard him speaking with the media, flat-out bringing the issues of the Family court system to light. I am happy to know that there is an advocate for all parents who get alienated from their children. Who also get a bad rap when the state of Illinois is leaching the money out of good parents and labeling them deadbeats when they can’t afford the payments. The fact that this man started his political career because the court systems opened his eyes, makes me relate to him.

Claire Ball, the libertarian running for Illinois’ Comptroller, is an actual accountant. I got to speak with her and our political views match up for the most part. She has a masters in accounting. It was said at the meeting that not one person in Illinois who has held the position of comptroller has been an actual accountant. Which is disturbing considering they’re the ones working with the states’ money. Money that we, the taxpayers, provide.

WGEM reported on the incident but cut MUCH of the Kash interview out! I overheard what he was saying, since I was the woman right behind him in the interview. I listened to him, he came off like just a regular guy, it was great. I personally believe he is one of the best candidate for the job.

God Help Illinois


The Left’s Hypocrisy on Fathers: Illegals VS Citizens


Father’s day is supposed to be a day to honor fatherhood. The left, of course has been griping about the National Policy of separating children from their parents. A policy, I might add, that has been in effect for decades and is not a Trump administration policy. On Father’s day, members of the Democratic Party were outraged that Illegal children couldn’t be with their father’s on father’s day.

They went so far as going to the Immigrant Detention Center in order to protest the poor fathers being detained on father’s day.

If I could ask all the Democrats, who were so dramatic fighting for these illegal fathers, anything it would be…

  • Where have you been this past decade?
  • Since when did you believe Fathers HAD rights?
  • Why are you fighting for Illegal fathers, but have yet to acknowledge that American Fathers are suffering?
  • Why is it immoral to take away children from Illegal fathers, but okay to take children away from fathers who are citizens?
  • How is it totally okay to have laws that discriminate against male citizens, but immoral to have a laws that take children from illegal aliens because they broke the law?

If you don’t know what I’m getting at, let me give you some perspective. For the past several years, Democrat-backed groups have called father rights groups sexist and slandered them. Women are still more likely to get custody of children than fathers, even in instances the father is a better parent. Even if a father today pays their child support, mothers are not held accountable when they alienate the child from the father. However, when a father withholds child support as leverage to gain access to their own children, they face extreme consequences:

  • loss of driver’s license
  • garnishment of wages
  • jail time
  • probation

Not to mention the stigma one has to carry around of being labeled a “deadbeat father”. This is a country where it’s become “okay” to hold a child hostage against their own fathers. Yet, when a father tries to flee with their child, that father is considered to be a kidnapper. Parental alienation is not even being acknowledged by the Democratic party. Fathers are committing suicide at an alarming rate due to alienation, being legally abused, and emotionally abused by their children’s mothers. The drug usage increases when a father is alienated from his children. Democrats seem to have just sat on their butts and watched these problems.

Father’s advocates and rights groups have been trying to bring these problems to light for years. Though, feminist agencies have used a large amount of their energy towards shutting down their voices. Instead of creating new laws to fix these problems, all they done is drowned out the activist’s voices. Paint them as though they are a danger to gender equality, when the true gender inequality is being perpetrated before everyone’s eyes.

Democrats are now dramatically acting as though fathers matter. Which is why I asked: where have you been? What they won’t say are only ILLEGAL fathers matter, because they are potential future voters. They want to look as though they care. They don’t.

Are you understanding it yet? The hypocrisy behind these actions?

Democrats have lazily sat by for years while children have been ripped away from their loving fathers. Fathers, many whom get the blame for being absent in the end, that love their children. This is done through an abusive, biased, and broken court system that has heavily favored women. Even in the instance where children have verbally requested to live with their fathers, they are denied. Though the psychological consequences of alienating a child, through data, is shown to be catastrophic there’s no punishment for it.

Some will say that my argument isn’t legit simply because children are being torn from their parents at the border. To that I say, bull. Parents come to this country with full knowledge that they will be separated from their children. They also, as a family, decide to illegally cross the border knowing that being broken up will be a consequence. This is a moral crime committed by the child’s own parents, NOT by the legal system. The other moral crime are Democrats screaming about it and doing nothing to fix it. It’s like taking video of themselves yelling that child labor is wrong in front of a child labor camp, and then not using their power to shut it down.

My point in the end? Illegal immigrant fathers are being treated with more respect and dignity than the American citizens our country is supposed to be protecting.

So DEAR DEMOCRATS: if ANYONE are using children as pawns… it’s YOU.

America FIRST

My Problem With the Cosby Conviction

Even though Bill Cosby was found guilty on three counts of Sexual Assault, there are four major holes in the case that I want to see filled or at least acknowledged:

  1. The presumption of Cosby’s guilt through society’s feminist lens BEFORE the trial    (a tainted jury)
  2. The assumption that Bill Cosby wasn’t intoxicated himself
  3. The acknowledgement that a Feminist definition of ‘Consent’ is being used in court
  4. There was no actual physical proof, beyond reasonable doubt, that Cosby had intent of raping anyone


Feminist society has been pushing for a rule that all accusers of rape should be automatically believed. This not only goes against a person’s right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty, but creates a sure path to being found guilty (even if innocent). It creates an opening for mob-mentality and swift fact-less judgements. I believe Bill Cosby was a victim of this and was falsely found guilty based on the words of alleged victims. When anyone who makes an accusation is believed, it distorts a jury’s outlook on the entire case from the beginning. Causing them to assume anyone accusing an alleged perpetrator as telling the truth. In the past it has led women to their deaths, and black men to being lynched. The presumption of guilt in the accused leads to injustice all around.


Bill Cosby acknowledges that he gave drugs to his alleged victims. However, if we were to find out that he also took intoxicants along with these women, it could change the entire case. Why? Because this is all based upon the accuser’s consent. If he were just as intoxicated as the women making the accusations, why is he to be held account for his actions and she not? If this is the case, standards are completely biased. It could possibly be the accuser’s undoing.


Consent to feminists is different from what normal people would consider consent. Saying ‘yes’ while intoxicated isn’t considered consent, that is if you’re a female it’s not. Even if a woman with informed consent takes a pill that intoxicates her (like in Cosby’s case) then gets undressed by herself, and willingly hops on his dick.. she technically didn’t consent to the penetration because she was intoxicated. Even though that intoxication was consented to. The funny thing about Feminists’ version of consent, is that even if both parties are intoxicated, they still consider the man a perpetrator. Even if a person does consent, Feminists believe that if a woman regrets her actions, they could consider it rape.


There is no proof, besides the testimony of these women. The assumption that all these women are telling the truth is part of feminist culture. People will ask, “What’s their motivation to lie?”. The reality is, what is their motive to lie? We don’t know the backgrounds of these people. There are plenty of motivations to lie, whether it’s for the attention they get when people feel sympathy for them, they didn’t like him, they thought he was guilty and wanted to shut him down, or tried to get money out of him by not talking. Just because testimony takes place under oath, doesn’t make it true. Just because there are tears shed, doesn’t mean they aren’t faked. And with the jury largely being tainted to the presumption of guilt, it created a bias as to whose story to believe. It was word against word.

I know for a fact that feminist women will fake stories, having been a radical feminist from 2008-2012 and literally HEARING women conspire against some men. Sometimes to make others mutually angry at the same person, getting attention, or trying to get money out of a famous person. It’s not unusual for radical women to do this. This is why radical feminism HURTS EVERYONE! Is it possible that Cosby is a predator? Yes, absolutely, but is it JUST as possible that he is nothing more than an innocent man caught up in radical feminist culture? TOTALLY!


What Parents Can Do To Win their War on Parental Alienation


NOTICE: I am NOT a lawyer and  NOT certified to give any legal advice on this subject matter. If you want any guidance or are curious about one of my suggestions please seek the proper legal council.

I call it a war, because when one parent makes the decision to play dirty it is nothing less than that. However, just because it is a war doesn’t mean you have to sink so low as to fight with the same cruel tactics. No, there are ways of fighting this that won’t put your child in the middle of it, and will win the war in the end.

Only Communicate Through Ways That Can Be Documented

Don’t talk on the phone with your partner unless you absolutely have to. Text messages, emails, voice-mails, and even faxes are some of the best ways. Communicating through verbal conversation can make both of you tense if you’re not already. Be up front about where your partner can find the best way to communicate.

ALWAYS Document Things

It doesn’t matter if your text messages were never answered, if you have continuous documentation that you made the attempts it will look good on you. Remember to TIME STAMP EVERYTHING accurately! If you’re in a state where it is legal to video tape someone without their knowledge, do so. If you must make the person aware, document every pick up and drop off. This is more for the time to line up with any text messages you may get. This will show how late a person is, prove that you were on time, or show that you were stood up. These will solidify your time-line more. If you send things in the mail that NEEDS to be sent (like Holiday Cards with money), take video of the contents, use certified mail with return receipt, and video tape the package being dropped in a mailbox. This way the other parent can’t tell your child that they didn’t receive anything from you or that there was ‘only a card with no money in it’. I suggest not showing this information until they’re older as to not put them in the middle of the situation. But MOST OF ALL, keep these documents ORGANIZED. Last thing you need is to have the documentation, then lose it because it’s too messy!

Always Be Respectful

It’s going to hurt, but it looks better to the court if you are completely respectful through text messages and emails. Especially when your ex is deliberately being cruel.


Keep Buying Gifts

Even if your child is NOT with you, keep buying Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards and other gifts just like you naturally would. When your child comes around, you’ll have something to show.

Make A Video Journal

The best thing you can do is preserve the present in the future. This includes showing the things you buy on the videos. Your child may not understand things now, they may even hate you now, but take it from someone who used to be that child… we always come looking for answers. If you believe your partner is horrible to your child there’s a great probability that they will come seeking you in the future. The best thing you can do is pour out your current emotions into a journal and when your child gets to a certain age, present it to them. Instead of talking badly about the other parent in these videos, talk about how much you miss them, how much you wish you could have been with them, and how much you care. It feels better to a child when they know you’ve dedicated time to them and keeping a video log (TIMESTAMPED) will definitely help!

Always Make Yourself Easy to Find

Sometimes when a child is alienated from the other parent for long periods of time, it is extremely hard to find them. They wouldn’t know where to look. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, once they get to around 17 and a half. You should start doing the following things:

  1. Create a Facebook page- Younger people love social media and it is probably one of the first places they will go in order to dig you up.
  2. Make sure they can realize that you and them are related, but ONLY speak in the third person! (Some judges see speaking on social media in the first person to the covered person as a violation OF the order of protection)

FIRST PERSON: “If you’re reading this and your name is Sean Tyler Heeger born on October 25, 2012, and your mother’s name is ******. Then I am your father”

THIRD PERSON: “My Son, Sean Tyler Heeger, is going to turn 18 on October 25, 2030, his mother’s name was ******, and he was born in 2012.”

I would also suggest placing your number in the phone book within whatever area your child lives in or in a general area.

Tips for Blogs

  • Always write disclaimers on your blogs stating that a person is voluntarily coming
  • If a person claims harassment, USV-Cassidy case-law states that any person visiting a site is doing so voluntarily thus cannot claim harassment and in doing so is harassing themselves.
  • Always state FACTS, allow others to see the same negative opinion that you have made based on those facts. Opinions can get you in deeper trouble and could be used by your ex to validate their claims (even if they’re not true).
  • Always write in third person, this will look like you’re not ‘targeting’ your ex specifically
  • Make accusations in the form of questions: “Did she do this JUST to spite me?”
  • Always keep in mind that your child may see this, this is why basing your blog on facts instead of emotions and having a private video journal for emotion is one of the best ways to go.

This is the best advice that I can come up with based on my personal experiences with this situation. I wish the best in hopes that laws will change so that we have less broken hearts in this world. In the end… we need to think about our children.

However, please seek proper legal council with any of these suggestions.

Myths About Female Anti-Feminists


I have supported #womenagainstfeminism since it started, I consider myself an MRA, but more specifically I’m an anti-feminist. There are a whole lot of names I’ve been called just for holding these beliefs. There are several myths about us that are spread around by Feminists and Mainstream media.

  1. We have internalized misogyny- This term basically means that we are self-loathing and deep down we have a secret hate for the female sex. This is simply NOT the case. Most of us simply see the unrealistic standards Feminists hold for men. We see the seething hatred in their rhetoric and call it out for what it is… hateful. Many women don’t like the misrepresentation of todays feminism.
  2. We are against our own voices- Reality is, just because you claim to be a voice for someone doesn’t mean you realistically represent what they believe in. In just the same way, just because you think you know what is best for someone, doesn’t mean you actually do. Feminism is guilty of believing in both things, WomenAgainstFeminism are speaking out about how Feminism mis-represents us. To say that you represent someone without listening to them is false leadership and flat out arrogant.
  3. We are under the control of our men- This statement is laughable, many of us simply care for our men and to assume women are this weak for merely having an opinion is in itself sexist. The more you demonize WomenAgainstFeminism the MORE we will believe our cause is just.
  4. We don’t have minds of our own- Quite the opposite, it is BECAUSE we have minds of our own that we are not complying with Feminism’s bigotry. To believe that Feminism is the ONLY path to equality is naive and, if anything, is a sign of a power-hungry movement.
  5. We Demonize Feminism instead of Talking about Men’s Issues- Actually many of us DO talk about men’s issues, however, feminism is deeply intertwined within men’s issues. Many of their policies have affected men and their relationships to people, negatively. Even when talking about these issues, it is Feminists and Women’s Rights Groups that shut down talking points of very REAL men’s issues. You can’t talk about men’s issues and NOT talk about feminism, when it is BECAUSE of Feminism that many men’s issues exist AND Feminists who prevent people from speaking about them.
  6. We are betraying women that fought for our rights- Not really, the fact is, I’m sure those women wouldn’t have wanted us to use our rights to oppress the other sex. They also wouldn’t have wanted us to keep gender roles (which many women STILL have) to keep children away from their fathers out of spite.

When you sum it up, we are tired of Feminism’s horrible ‘leadership’ then telling us “our leadership is your only choice”. We refuse to accept Feminism’s voluntary blindness to their unequal treatment of men versus women. They’re making our boyfriends/husband’s lives hell, our lives hell, and will probably make our son’s lives hell if we don’t stop it.