Mainstream Media SILENT About Conservative Targeted Political Terrorism

In recent events Democrats have been in an uproar over the bombs that were sent to Donald Trumps critics. A man has already been arrested in connection to the act, it has also been acknowledged as an act of political terrorism, it has been acknowledged that he was a huge fan of Donald Trump. What the mainstream media is unlikely to say is that he was arrested for another bomb threat in 2002. The man obviously has a reoccurring pattern of behavior. It has been denounced as an act of political terrorism even by Donald trump

What is not a mystery was Daniel Frisiello’s intent. Never heard of him? That’s not surprising considering he was barely covered by any mainstream media. He JUST pleaded guilty to sending a white powder to Donald Trump’s sons October 17, 2018. Even though the substance was not lethal, this was also an act of political terrorism. However it wasn’t covered as an act of political terrorism, it was simply covered as “sending a white powder” to Donald Trump’s sons.

Why this was political terrorism:

  • The targets were tragically chosen
  • The perpetrator used fear and intimidation as a tool to try to obtain a political goal

These two characteristics qualify Cesar Altieri Sayoc as a political terrorist as well even if the bombs were completely fake. The only difference is Cesar is being acknowledged for what he is, Daniel Frisiello is being ignored!

When you google his name you find next to nothing when it comes to mainstream sources. This event was taken extremely lightly, it received next to no attention. Could you imagine the attention the media would have given to Obama’s family had someone sent a powdered letter to one of his daughters, it had reached her, and she inhaled some of the particles? Regardless of the content being fatal or not, the outrage would have been continuous and it would be forever reached for in future discussions to come as a counter argument.

If we are to unify the country, as Democrats spout we should, then there is a responsibility on their parts to condemn ALL political terrorists equally regardless of who is being targeted! There is also a responsibility to acknowledge these people as individuals and not apply their personalities to the general population. This is what Donald Trump means when he says the mainstream media needs to get its act together.




The Left-Wing Media Disrespects Mollie Tibbetts

Mollie Tibbetts was a college student from Iowa state University from a rural area. She went missing a little over a month ago on July 18th, 2018. She was front page news for a long time. Her family and friends fought hard to keep her at the center of attention so that the public wouldn’t forget about her. The only clue investigators had was her fit-bit information, a black SUV on a security camera, and the fact that people she knew had been excluded as suspects.

Just recently it was revealed that a body was found, the media was still sympathetic, still posting her full name in their headlines. However, it was later revealed that he was an illegal alien from Mexico and the tide had turned. Headlines that once bore the name “Mollie Tibbetts” read “a college girl”. The perpetrator’s status as an illegal was dulled in some article titles to ‘undocumented immigrant’, and in some cases completely extinguished to the title of ‘immigrant’.

Business Insider Before They Knew Mollie Tibbetts’ Perpetrator’s Immigration Status

This is their story after they found out about her perpetrator’s immigration status

This is the New York Times’ Story, they didn’t use illegal OR undocumented


Eleven Children Rescued in New Mexico Were Being Trained For School Shootings


There was a frantic search for a little boy who had allegedly been taken by his father. Siraj Wahhaj, 39, was suspected of kidnapping his three year old son who was disabled and was in the custody of his grandfather. The chase led to New Mexico, where low and behold, Police found eleven other children, in a compound in the middle of the desert. Without water, disgusting conditions, and practically starving to death.

When this was initially reported, the story was that three women and two men were arrested after finding them with eleven children. However, they only showed the mugshots of the men and the horrible living conditions. Being that we live in a rather feminist society I didn’t think much of it at first.


Then, I ran across a blog post on facebook saying that the New Mexico bunker was really a place to train future school shooters. I like looking into these things, only because I like to get my facts straight to know in the future. I found a news article that linked to an article from the UK that showed the mugshots to the three women that were apprehended. Now I see why CNN didn’t put them in their original post, when they say they “asked the captain to confirm a Muslim connection” in their second article (which was in no way in their first) this should have given it away at the very beginning.



Of course this doesn’t show the initial intent behind the abduction or that Islam played a part, but with holding information from a story is lying to the public. Nobody said that there were suspicions that Islam could be involved, no, they completely withheld the information completely. I had to find out through a blog circulating on social media, and confirm it through a source, which at the time, was only posted through a different country’s media. Even though the media DID eventually cover it, it was extremely defiant and dishonest in its initial presentation of all the facts. If an alternative news source hadn’t covered it, I doubt there would have been any mention of it at all.

In doing more research, I ran across a video that basically spells out everything in capital letters.

This explains the media’s silence and their reluctance to talk about it afterwards, it comes to show they were silent even when the curtain was pulled back. Even when we thought we knew everything, they were still ‘keeping us in the dark’. It comes to show how dishonest the media has truly become.


Rumours of Maxine Waters Connection with Russia: Not So Far-fetched

There has been rumor going around about how Maxine Waters has financial ties with Russia. Of course mainstream news is brushing it off as conservative propaganda. I decided to do more, better research, as I found no definitive proof of Russian financial connections in the articles that I read. article didn’t have the links necessary to prove their case, instead of a link to the Disclosure Form they simply put a screen capture. Which, in playing devil’s advocate, doesn’t prove anything.

However, digging deeper I found a Disclosure Report filed in 2017 that showed the financial ties to what is known as BlackRock Inc. I made sure this report was filed by the Clerks of the House, making sure that this was a file about Maxine Waters’ financial ties and not Maxine Waters writing a document that represented the House’s financial ties. Karen L. HAAS has been the Clerk of the House since 2011 so this is obviously being filled out by here in relation to Maxine Waters’ finances.

Maxine Waters is getting dividends from:

  • Merrill Lynch: Blackrock Balanced (IRA)- $100,001 to $250,000
  • Merrill Lynch: Blackrock Global (IRA)- $100,001 to $250,000

At first I thought the OneUnited might be a bank account, however, dividends specifically means she’s getting up to $250,000 straight from the bank because of her shareholder status.  I also thought it was her husband’s shareholder amount due to him having been a member of the board in the past. However, the initials “SP” clearly stands for ‘separate’ and “JT” stands for “Joint”. That’s up to a million dollars a year with OneUnited alone. On top of that, the board of directors specifically chooses who this money goes to. Curiously though, no dividends were officially paid to her the entire year of 2016.

Blackrock Balanced does have connections with Russia. In one of its documents it lays out the risks of investing in Russia:

Risks of Investments in Russia. A Fund may invest a portion of its assets in securities issued by companies located in Russia. The Russian securities market suffers from a variety of problems described above in “Investments in Emerging Markets” not encountered in more developed markets. The Russian securities market is relatively new, and a substantial portion of securities transactions are privately negotiated outside of stock exchanges. The inexperience of the Russian securities market and the limited volume of trading in securities in the market may make obtaining accurate prices on portfolio securities from independent sources more difficult than in more developed markets.

However, the document also informs of investments in other countries such as Japan and Hong Kong. There’s no proof in these documents that she specifically invested into Russian banks. However, there IS proof that she’s investing overseas, NOT in America.


It’s pretty sad that California has more billionaires in its state than any other country except the rest of the United States and China, and it has the largest collection of homeless in the United States. And the last place many them are investing, is in their own people.


Fake News is Profiting Off of America’s Conflict: Especially for Foreign Writers

Post after post, you see appalling things, you’re overcome with outrage and share it. Who could be for such a thing? Only to find out that the story was made up! It’s everywhere on Facebook, so think twice before hitting that share button!

As a conservative, if we truly want to look like the better half, we need to call out the fakes on our own side. We can’t claim #CNNisFakeNews and then allow sites like to put up such obviously false articles. Looking up this domain on, you find that the owner actually lives in ALBANIA!


It’s not the only only site that I found that had a foreign writer behind the domain. One webpage called Redpolitics.Us falsely spread the narrative that the FBI Director declared ANTIFA a terrorist organization. Red politics means that it supposedly represents the Republicans, well it doesn’t! A matter of fact, if you look up the domain’s information on, you’ll find the domain’s owner doesn’t even live in the United States.

Even though the domain holder lives in this country may not mean they don’t simply hire American writers. However, I looked into that as well, and it turns out, he writes everything.

Another fake article floating around on Facebook was about the Boston Marathon Bomber. Of course when you look up the domain user’s information you find out that they’re located in Ontario Canada and probably have no idea what’s going on nor care.

So next time you see an article on Facebook that rubs you the wrong way, look up their domain on you might be surprised to find your eating a foreign writer’s work of fiction.