Forced Sterilization Bill Pops up in Alabama

A proposed Alabama law will require men to have a vasectomy either within one month of the age of fifty or after their third child. Using the reasoning that “Under existing law, there are no restrictions on the reproductive rights of men.” I thought it was a hoax at first, but then we confirmed the proposed Bill. Of course, the party who is sponsoring it? A Democrat.

Just because a there is no existing legislation against it doesn’t mean it is NOT a violation of the fourteenth amendment. The prohibition of this kind of action is decades old.

Only the sc of the earth starilized people. It was usually forced upon a part of the population they hated or didn’t care for. In 1924, Virginia passed The Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924, which allowed for the sterilization of people within Asylums. In a disgusting and shameful act, in Buck V. Bell, the Taft Court ruled it constitutional. However, the means by which it was deemed constitutional are disturbing. With the judge stating “being swamped with incompetence . . . Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” Another means for which it was deemed constitutional were time and a hearing guardians could go to. Yet, it was like saying since they had a right to hear their decision it wasn’t a violation. The state of Virginia did not apologize for these atrocious actions until 2001 and in 2013 paid each victim $25,000.

Black, Native American, and poor whites were all singled out in the past for sterilization. All of it was based on Eugenics, weeding out the garden so it could “prosper” so to speak. It was the same theory that inspired the Nazis to sterilize millions of people. The Nazis had a formal hearing for sterilization as well, yet it was nothing more than a show. Ninety percent of the petitions that made it to the Nazis courts in 1934 ended up with the result of sterilization. The Nazis and America were on the same page at this point in time. The only difference, forced sterilization is still considered legal in America due to shady judges of the past willing to uphold it.

What lawmakers don’t seem to understand is intent should not matter. Sterilization without ones consent, if one was considered psychologically sound, was considered an “abuse” even back then. Some states are calling for reparations for people sterilized under the Eugenics laws, considering them damages. Virginia considered them victims through compensation and fault on behalf of the government.

Why does this matter? Precedence, all of this compensation sets a precedence that it’s wrong, it’s considered a damage and is entitled to compensation if done. Around 39% of those who were sterilized in the 1920s were male. However, even if a single male wasn’t compensated, females were for the exact same reason, and under the 14th amendment, males are entitled to equal protection under the law. Another statute that would kill this legislation is the Equal Rights Act, ironically being pushed by feminists.

Sex of the victim shouldn’t matter, and quite frankly it’s sexist for someone to believe it makes any difference that the sex of an individual matters when forcibly sterilizing them. Hopefully, there’s been enough outrage for them to think twice, but let’s err on the side of caution.