Why This Impeachment is A Waste of Time and Money

There are so many out there that are happy that the Democrats are finally going through with impeachment. Yet, many of these people don’t even know the process behind impeachment to realize, it’s pointless. Yes, the House scraped by with enough votes to pass for the impeachment process yesterday. However, just barely, the vote was so partisan that all Republicans and even two Democrats voted against the impeachment standards presented Thursday. This isn’t the point though, the real point is, the Democrats will succeed in the House, only to have it die in the Republican controlled Senate.

Most Americans today don’t understand how presidential impeachment works, particularly the younger ones. The Democrats are building up people’s hopes only to have their ambitions killed in the Senate. In a Presidential Impeachment, the House is responsible for investigating charges and presenting a case, while the Senate is in charge in the actual impeachment. If the case is never even allowed to be brought to the floor, even after a long trial in the House, what’s the point of holding this investigation?

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, stated that this impeachment trial was the perfect opportunity for the President to prove his innocence. That if he did nothing wrong, that this was the best time to prove it and he should have nothing to fear if that’s the case.

“The facts are what they are. They can try to misrepresent them, but the fact is, this is a process that is expanded opportunity for them to show anything that is exculpatory to prove the innocence of the president,” Pelosi said.

Yet that’s not the way our Justice System is supposed to work. It works in innocent unless proven guilty and it is that way for this very reason, malicious incrimination. Where a power or a collective power, maliciously sets out to incriminate you and you must prove your innocence. This was one thing the old courts of England did very well and our forefathers hated it.

Let’s bring it closer with today’s problems. A police officer pulls you over and asks to search your car. You are negligent, yet he tells you that if you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. You allow the search and end up getting busted with 10grams of meth that the officer planted. How can you prove your innocence here? It’s not right and it’s impossible against a power that is greater than your own. Especially if that power makes you out to look like the bad guy. Even if you’re the innocent party and they’re really the malicious one, the title that person holds is too persuasive. Thankfully this is why body cameras exist and due process is here. It seems unlikely, but this scenario really happens, and if regular police officers are capable of doing it to random people, what makes the world think politicians wouldn’t do it to an opponent they hate?

Impeachment may seem like an exciting idea to many Democrats across the country, but think about this, it’s destined for failure. The time they’ve spent on impeachment, they could be spending it on better things. Each Representative makes, on average, $174,000 a year in taxpayer dollars. Multiply that by 435, it’s only fair that we take that product and multiply it by two as well because they’ve been after impeachment for two full years, not just one. That comes out to be, $151,380,000 blown in their salaries on average and that’s only their tax collected salaries. This, in the pursuit of an impeachment, that is simply going to die in a Republican controlled Senate.



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