False Accusations aren’t Seen as Illegal, It’s Considered an act of ‘Activism’

More and more men are being falsely accused of sexual allegations and misconduct. However, what happens when the women bringing these allegations out in the open don’t see themselves perpetrating a crime, but empowering women? What happens when this is not only ‘okay’, but a responsibility when a man of power is seen as a threat?

There has been this notion that all women who come forward are entitled to be believed. It’s also been pushed, that anyone who questions their sinscerety, should be labeled a ‘victim blamer’ and shamed. This combination makes for the perfect opportunity to maliciously target someone. Without anyone questioning your intent, the circumstances surrounding the allegation, or even the story itself, innocent people can be put behind bars.

When powerful men are seen as a danger, even if they may not be, some women take it upon themselves to ruin that person’s life. To them it is a ‘matter of duty’ to what they see as taking power away from a dangerous man. Worse still, when one person makes an allegation, it places incentive for others to join. As though it were some ’cause’ to be fighting for. A runaway mob effect soon follows.

It’s been a few years since Bill Cosby was convicted on rape charges. Since then, at least one accuser admitted they lied. Can we really say, with false accusation activism, that he received a fair trial? Kavanaugh nearly had his career ruined by three accusers, and two of the threehave already admitted to false statements.

These women’s strategy has been for people to doubt them through the massive amount coming forward. Their thought? With so many accusing, how could he NOT have done it?

This is the REASON for due process, because innocent people don’t deserve to have their lives destroyed. Falsely accusing someone is not justice it’s revenge, based on the assumption you’re right.

In the name of truth and justice, accusers should NOT be believed without question.


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