Amy Dougherty “Warns Me” About Steve Ybarra

As I was playing around on my site, I noticed I had received an Email from one of Michelle’s friends. She was warning me that Steve Ybarra, a man I had done an interview with on his Domestic Violence story, was not the ‘nice guy’ he played off to be, he was really a treacherous human being.

Just an FYI on Steve Ybarra. This person is not what he presents himself to be. I personally have witnessed his abuse to his wife and step son. You do know that he was demeded a danger to Leo and that he took him three states away from his mother without her permission. Then lying to the police when they finally found him (he told her several different places he may be going with the child) saying he would be returning in a week. Then tormenting Michelle for days sending her pictures of houses he was supposedly buying in Illinois, apartments he was renting, that he had signed them up for food stamps, the list of his lies goes on and on. He is a cheat and a hustler. He has 5 children with 5 different women, an older son that he owes well over $100,000 in back child support. 4 children under 5 and 1 on the way. One son is only a month older then Leo and a daughter that is only 15 months. Who’s mother filed rape charges against him, the child was the outcome of that rape. He was not prosecuted due to lack of eveidence. He’s had multiple restraining orders pressed on him in different states by multiple women. The depths of his depravity is outrageous. He will do anything to get his way, and he is a compulsive liar. He’s also a narcissistic sociopath with violent tendencies. He has tortured his wife and her older son with severe mental abuse for years. He is hiding behind this nice guy Personna. It’s not real. I myself have been a victim of his abuse and lies. You may want to rethink this article and in the future check your sources.

-Amy Dougherty

Now this entire shit list is nothing more than what I would expect from a good friend trying to get her friend out of trouble when she’s been caught in a flat-out lie. So I’m going to pick this thing apart little by little, line by line… not because I’ve been asked to, simply because I want to.

This person’s testimony as a witness means nothing to me, because they’re vouching for a person who is already a proven liar (by means of my last article) so to me they have no credibility. Not only do she NOT make any case to disclaim the fact that Michelle lied in her statement under oath, but all she seems to be doing in this statement is make her opponent, Mr. Ybarra, look bad. She did nothing to actually defend the negative actions of Michelle, but only increased the negative allegations attached to Steve’s name. This is a common tactic with a person who has no real argument.

There has been no evidence presented, to my knowledge, that Steve has been deemed a danger to Leo (his son). A matter of fact, there has been more hard evidence presented that Michelle is a danger, being that she opened a car door to a moving vehicle with her son right next to her, than he is. If she truly felt she was in any danger, she could have called the police from within the vehicle, staying with her child. Instead, she opened the van door, while it was in motion screaming like a lunatic. Risking the fact that Ybarra, if she truly feared he were a threat, could have driven off with their child after she had gotten out and left her stranded.

Technically when a couple is married they are seen as one and a father shouldn’t need permission from the mother to take their child anywhere. The word “permission” says a lot about a person’s sense of self-entitlement, if the genders were reversed, it would be considered abusive for the mother to seek “permission” to have to take her child somewhere. A woman would be encouraged to flee the perpetrator. Some states even provide assistance to females who flee their abusers to flee to different states. It’s common for people to advise women to take their children and hit the road when they’re being abused. However, God forbid a man do it and have actual evidence to back up his claim.

If he WAS a cheat and hustler:

  1. why did she get in a relationship with a cheat and a hustler?
  2. why did she engage in intercourse with a person before knowing he was a cheat and a hustler?
  3. Why did you get BACK with a cheat a second time and have a second child with a ‘cheat’?

I could care less if he had 100 children from 100 different women, it doesn’t escape the fact that she physically assaulted him, falsified evidence, and committed perjury! This is inescapable, a felony and I hope she does time for it!

I also don’t believe in child support to begin with, a person doesn’t deserve to be supported if they’re an abuser that has petitioned for divorce and taken the child away from the parent that has been unproven to be violent.

Rape is a serious offense, to even be accused of and to throw the word around as if it means absolutely nothing should be a crime in itself. If he was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence, then there’s a high probability no rape took place to begin with. You see rape is a tricky thing, some states require you to report within a certain time frame for it to be prosecutable. Since her statement was, “Due to lack of evidence,” I assume she went straight in and collected evidence. Assuming this, there was no evidence of forced penetration or disturbance, thus no conclusive evidence that he raped her. So either Amy Dougherty lying or her source is lying.

I got curious as to what the YMCA’s hiring practices were, turns out, you have to pass THREE background checks to get hired there! One includes an international background check. If Ybarra had ANY pending order of protections on him, in any state, it is unlikely they would have hired him. The YMCA manager (who will remain anonymous) insists that you have to be convicted in order to be turned down, but I don’t necessarily believe that *cough *cough. The notion of a mere allegation carries nearly just as much weight these days as a regular conviction that many employers will not hire on the basis of caution.

The only proven liar I have seen thus far is Michelle, and Amy Doughtry has done nothing yet to call her out on it. The only thing this letter has done is make a mutual enemy look bad. This is what people do when they know they’ve been found out, when they can’t defend what they’ve done, and they need that smoke bomb to run away.

Let’s say I do take everthing in this letter into account, let’s say he is everything written in this statement. It still doesn’t account for the fact that she’s a proven liar, a physical abuser,  passive aggressive and my sources are video, Michelle’s own court statement, and pictures. It doesn’t change the outcome here, she’s JUST as bad.

So next time, you may want to check your sources, because your only sources seem to be coming from Michelle’s mouth.



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