Quincy Coroner Under Investigation

After submitting his resignation, Jim Keller (Quincy Illinois’ coroner), it was found that he was under investigation. Keller’s excuse for his resignation was to “spend more time with family”, what’s not told by the local newspaper “The Herald Whig” was that his wife was one of his own employees. This fact makes you wonder, what in the world is going on here?

Yet, Keller’s wife wasn’t just an average subordinate, she had the next highest position as chief deputy coroner. The title of coroner is a taxpayer funded position, meaning cronyism and nepotism was involved in an official county function. Which you would think is a malicious manipulation of power.

“(Elected officials) get to run the office the way they want,” he said. “If it was an appointed position, it would be totally different. As long as the money is budgeted, (elected officials) are free to hire basically whoever they want.”

Budgeted? There should be oversight on the way these budgets are handled. This in particular, I would call an over reach. This fine detail also has another consequence, if brought before a court neither could be forced to testify against the other. This means anything they would have said to one another, even on a professional level, they wouldn’t have to reveal the other’s conversation. If they were to have done anything illegal within the coroner’s position, they would be insulated from having to reveal it to a court. Due to the top two positions being husband and wife, they can legally refuse to come forward with any illegal activity.

Doesn’t this sound a little suspicious? It’s coincidental that the nature of the investigation is not being revealed and a special prosecutor has already been called to take the case. One woman I personally know claims to have worked with him before and he was a “Very nice man”. Just because someone is a nice person doesn’t mean they aren’t totally corrupt.