Adams County Coroner Under Investigation for Drug Dealing!

A few days ago I wrote an article about how the Coroner retiring early with the reasoning of “Spending more time with family” was suspicious of being nothing more than an excuse to cover up something bigger. My reasoning for this was due to his wife working with him, holding a number two status in the office. Before I could publish it this new information came out.

Turns out I was RIGHT, according to WGEM, local court documents have shown that Jim Keller is under investigation for “unlawful delivery of a controlled substance”


Outgoing Adams County Coroner Jim Keller is under investigation for Official Misconduct/Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

Court documents reveal that Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha requested a special prosecutor to investigate the case on June 21.

“The prosecution of the defendant by the State’s Attorney’s Office could be a conflict of interest for the office, or alternatively, could create the appearance of an impropriety,” stated court documents. “It is in the interest of justice that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to avoid any such appearance.”

Keller announced his resignation on June 20 and was to go into effect July 10.

Keller might be spending time in prison instead of with his family.


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