Steve Ybarra’s Story, Domestic Violence


Steve Ybarra is a Mexican-American man in his thirties who is going through a Domestic Violence situation with his ex, Michelle Ybarra. According to documentation through video, pictures, and witness testimony, Steve Ybarra has been a victim of his abuser for the past three years of their marriage. He is currently in the middle of a divorce and is in the middle of a custody battle of their young son, Leo.

Due to the video being so long, I’m writing out Ybarra’s story. You can watch the full video at the Bottom but it is long and the Microphone STINKS!

Ybarra got married to Michelle, who already had a child from a previous relationship. They were married for a little over three years, during at which time, his friend was telling him he was being abused. It took some time for him to believe it, but over a course of years, with consistent fits and bursts of anger he was convinced.

He eventually began documenting her outrageous behavior through time. He would get extreme over reactions. Being that he is five foot eleven and nearly pure muscle, why would he have anything to fear? During their arguments, he said that she would take both the children and leave, no matter what the whether was like. Taking a baby, barely a year old, can be hazardous to their health if not properly heated.  Making things over dramatic, when they clearly didn’t have to be.

They hit rock bottom at one point, they became homeless and were allegedly living in a hotel where Ybarra decided to take their son and move in with a friend in Quincy Illinois. Michelle filed for divorce and claimed he was cheating on her. In her statement she claimed that he was prostituting himself, he allows his son to play with guns, she isn’t comfortable with him being around his father, and that there are pictures pinned to the court document of pictures he sent to her via text message.

MICHELLE’S Court Statement


Picture Attached To Michelle’s Court Statement Allegedly Received Via Text Without Her Present


It was revealed that Michelle was lying, and not only did she not receive the pictures via text message, but the content didn’t come from a picture at all. The picture that was included was an edited screen shot of a video clip. There were no guns included in the clip and they were merely parts of guns. Michelle claimed to have disapproved of her son playing with the gun parts, but conveniently failed to mention she had cropped herself out of the photo she had provided as evidence. Notice, in the following picture the open screen marked “properties” the date of ‘5/31/2018’, Steve left June 11, 2018. The woman in the picture, is none other than Michelle Ybarra.


Tampering with evidence is obstruction of Justice and is FELONY in Illinois!

Steve also held three jobs in Quincy at the time of his alleged prostitution. Two of them, at night and another at all hours, giving him no real opportunity. Just a thought, you can’t claim someone is cheating on you, then claim they’re out prostituting themselves, people who cheat have money already and people who prostitute don’t need three jobs.

Michelle is psychologically disturbed:




Verbally Abusive to Children





Racially Discriminatory (you have to turn this one up it’s hard to hear)





Then Turns to Physical Assault





received_394611164356560Scratchmarks Outer ThighScratchMarksInner ArmScratchMarksBackof Neck

Why does this matter? He’s big enough to defend himself!

She BROKE THE LAW! She needs to be PUNISHED he should be treated with just as much respect as any other victim of abuse; he respected her in the fact that he didn’t knock her out.


(This is VERY low, the microphone is VERY poor sorry)


Illinois Governor Candidate Running on Anti-Parental Alienation

You probably haven’t heard of him yet, but there is a Libertarian Candidate running for Governor who is a victim of Illinois’ disgusting child support courts. Not only would he be willing to work with Trump, but he’s felt the searing pain of losing a child to the political machine known as the Illinois Family Court System.

Before you start to think that all family courts are just as revoltingly biased, know that Illinois’ courts will more than likely land you in a homeless shelter. Imagine paying 40-50% of your paycheck to your ex. An ex that is now holding your child hostage and refusing to let you see them, whether or not you cough up the money. Go ahead and stroll down to the police station to report them denying your rights to see your own child…  you’ll either get laughed at or told they can’t help you. Illinois’ system isn’t just extortion like other states, it’s flat out involuntary servitude… with interest. Good luck in trying to get your payments reduced, you either pay up, get your driver’s license taken away, or go to jail.

This is exactly what happened to the candidate Kash Jackson when his pay was cut. He spent twenty years in the military, with high clearance, and afterwards couldn’t afford his payments. He was sent to jail for contempt, a deadbeat? I’d like to see you pay a couple thousand dollars a month to someone who won’t allow you to see your mutual child. He’s been asked about it, and his answer is nearly always the same.


The Democrats are so focused of illegal alien children getting separated, that they forget they themselves are condoning the separation of families through the court process. Many times, these children are separated all the way until adulthood.

This isn’t the only policy he’s running on, he vows to get rid of government pensions. Some may say that this is wrong, everyone deserves to have a pension right? You know how Illinois government officials cut off funds to things you care about to give themselves raises? That’s what they’re doing, they’re raising taxes or cutting funding so they can afford to pay their own pensions. Pensions that in many cases, they don’t rightfully deserve. He’s also appointing an ACTUAL accountant to the position of Comptroller, Claire Ball . Something that hasn’t happened in Illinois’ history!

I once thought that voting Republican in Illinois would be a good thing, however, the most recent Republican Governor acts more like a Democrat than a Republican. He made this State a ‘Sanctuary’ State. Voting for Republican isn’t the way to go, we must vote for the best possible candidate in a swamp filled with swamp monsters.

Let’s knock the Blue out of Illinois, Vote Kash Jackson for Governor of Illinois.

Quincy Tea Party Gives Neutral Platform to Libertarian Candidates

This past Saturday, I went to a luncheon partially hosted by Quincy Tea Party. The Quincy Tea Party does not endorse any candidates but does believe in giving all candidates a public platform to voice their ideas. I listened to Libertarian candidate, Kash Jackson‘s positions on many things, got to speak with him one on one, and found out why he got started in politics.

I heard him speaking with the media, flat-out bringing the issues of the Family court system to light. I am happy to know that there is an advocate for all parents who get alienated from their children. Who also get a bad rap when the state of Illinois is leaching the money out of good parents and labeling them deadbeats when they can’t afford the payments. The fact that this man started his political career because the court systems opened his eyes, makes me relate to him.

Claire Ball, the libertarian running for Illinois’ Comptroller, is an actual accountant. I got to speak with her and our political views match up for the most part. She has a masters in accounting. It was said at the meeting that not one person in Illinois who has held the position of comptroller has been an actual accountant. Which is disturbing considering they’re the ones working with the states’ money. Money that we, the taxpayers, provide.

WGEM reported on the incident but cut MUCH of the Kash interview out! I overheard what he was saying, since I was the woman right behind him in the interview. I listened to him, he came off like just a regular guy, it was great. I personally believe he is one of the best candidate for the job.

God Help Illinois


Quincy Coroner Under Investigation

After submitting his resignation, Jim Keller (Quincy Illinois’ coroner), it was found that he was under investigation. Keller’s excuse for his resignation was to “spend more time with family”, what’s not told by the local newspaper “The Herald Whig” was that his wife was one of his own employees. This fact makes you wonder, what in the world is going on here?

Yet, Keller’s wife wasn’t just an average subordinate, she had the next highest position as chief deputy coroner. The title of coroner is a taxpayer funded position, meaning cronyism and nepotism was involved in an official county function. Which you would think is a malicious manipulation of power.

“(Elected officials) get to run the office the way they want,” he said. “If it was an appointed position, it would be totally different. As long as the money is budgeted, (elected officials) are free to hire basically whoever they want.”

Budgeted? There should be oversight on the way these budgets are handled. This in particular, I would call an over reach. This fine detail also has another consequence, if brought before a court neither could be forced to testify against the other. This means anything they would have said to one another, even on a professional level, they wouldn’t have to reveal the other’s conversation. If they were to have done anything illegal within the coroner’s position, they would be insulated from having to reveal it to a court. Due to the top two positions being husband and wife, they can legally refuse to come forward with any illegal activity.

Doesn’t this sound a little suspicious? It’s coincidental that the nature of the investigation is not being revealed and a special prosecutor has already been called to take the case. One woman I personally know claims to have worked with him before and he was a “Very nice man”. Just because someone is a nice person doesn’t mean they aren’t totally corrupt.

Adams County Coroner Under Investigation for Drug Dealing!

A few days ago I wrote an article about how the Coroner retiring early with the reasoning of “Spending more time with family” was suspicious of being nothing more than an excuse to cover up something bigger. My reasoning for this was due to his wife working with him, holding a number two status in the office. Before I could publish it this new information came out.

Turns out I was RIGHT, according to WGEM, local court documents have shown that Jim Keller is under investigation for “unlawful delivery of a controlled substance”


Outgoing Adams County Coroner Jim Keller is under investigation for Official Misconduct/Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

Court documents reveal that Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha requested a special prosecutor to investigate the case on June 21.

“The prosecution of the defendant by the State’s Attorney’s Office could be a conflict of interest for the office, or alternatively, could create the appearance of an impropriety,” stated court documents. “It is in the interest of justice that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to avoid any such appearance.”

Keller announced his resignation on June 20 and was to go into effect July 10.

Keller might be spending time in prison instead of with his family.

Rumours of Maxine Waters Connection with Russia: Not So Far-fetched

There has been rumor going around about how Maxine Waters has financial ties with Russia. Of course mainstream news is brushing it off as conservative propaganda. I decided to do more, better research, as I found no definitive proof of Russian financial connections in the articles that I read. article didn’t have the links necessary to prove their case, instead of a link to the Disclosure Form they simply put a screen capture. Which, in playing devil’s advocate, doesn’t prove anything.

However, digging deeper I found a Disclosure Report filed in 2017 that showed the financial ties to what is known as BlackRock Inc. I made sure this report was filed by the Clerks of the House, making sure that this was a file about Maxine Waters’ financial ties and not Maxine Waters writing a document that represented the House’s financial ties. Karen L. HAAS has been the Clerk of the House since 2011 so this is obviously being filled out by here in relation to Maxine Waters’ finances.

Maxine Waters is getting dividends from:

  • Merrill Lynch: Blackrock Balanced (IRA)- $100,001 to $250,000
  • Merrill Lynch: Blackrock Global (IRA)- $100,001 to $250,000

At first I thought the OneUnited might be a bank account, however, dividends specifically means she’s getting up to $250,000 straight from the bank because of her shareholder status.  I also thought it was her husband’s shareholder amount due to him having been a member of the board in the past. However, the initials “SP” clearly stands for ‘separate’ and “JT” stands for “Joint”. That’s up to a million dollars a year with OneUnited alone. On top of that, the board of directors specifically chooses who this money goes to. Curiously though, no dividends were officially paid to her the entire year of 2016.

Blackrock Balanced does have connections with Russia. In one of its documents it lays out the risks of investing in Russia:

Risks of Investments in Russia. A Fund may invest a portion of its assets in securities issued by companies located in Russia. The Russian securities market suffers from a variety of problems described above in “Investments in Emerging Markets” not encountered in more developed markets. The Russian securities market is relatively new, and a substantial portion of securities transactions are privately negotiated outside of stock exchanges. The inexperience of the Russian securities market and the limited volume of trading in securities in the market may make obtaining accurate prices on portfolio securities from independent sources more difficult than in more developed markets.

However, the document also informs of investments in other countries such as Japan and Hong Kong. There’s no proof in these documents that she specifically invested into Russian banks. However, there IS proof that she’s investing overseas, NOT in America.


It’s pretty sad that California has more billionaires in its state than any other country except the rest of the United States and China, and it has the largest collection of homeless in the United States. And the last place many them are investing, is in their own people.


GOP Headquarters Vandalized with Message: Abolish Ice

On Monday, July 2, anti-Ice activists turned vandal as they threw bricks through the Lincoln Nebraska GOP headquarters. On the side walk a message was written in dark red spray paint: Abolish ICE

“This destructive criminal activity is disappointing, but unsurprising, given the increasingly radical rhetoric of national Democrat leaders and candidates like Jane Raybould, Kara Eastman, and Jane Kleeb. Violence is the natural result of the Left’s statements urging Democrats to literally ‘push back’ on Republicans and ‘resist’ at any cost,” Zoeller said. “Voters face a stark choice between sanity and the rabid, hateful words that sparked this vandalism.”

This of course has not broken into the mainstream media, but this is not the only attack on a GOP headquarters. Last year a GOP office was firebombed and marked with “Nazi Republicans Leave town or Else”

This is called terrorism, in this case political terrorism, defined by the FBI as:

“the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

These are tactics used by the KKKNazis, and Islamic Terrorists . These acts include but are not limited to, burning crosses in a yard, lynching, public executions, distributing photos OF murdered victims (lynch postcards), bombings, video taping executions, beating political opponents, tagging buildings with discriminatory language, vandalism to intimidate a political opponent ect.


Source: The Daily Caller

Congressman Calls for the Censure of Maxine Waters

After calling for her followers to harass anyone who supports Trump, Congressman Biggs petitioned for Maxine’s Censure and resignation. The statement read:

“Individuals have the right to debate their differences civilly, without fear of retribution. Unfortunately, Maxine Waters’ comments condone public violence and encourage actions that jeopardize the safety and security of government officials and the American people. 

“A little over a year ago, we witnessed a horrific shooting targeted at Congressional Republicans. That day, we promised that we would be better; that we would argue about ideas not people.

“Unfortunately, we are returning to the vitriol of that day. Those determined to undermine the progress and agenda of President Donald Trump, have taken it upon themselves to demonize their opposition. As Members of Congress we have the responsibility to lead by example and this rhetoric is simply unacceptable.”

This was petitioned on June 25th and fellow republican Steve Scalise supported it. It was only a year ago when congressman Scalise was shot due to political tensions. It seems we have already forgotten and the tensions are almost as high as they were last year.

Thousands March in Chicago for Illegal Immigrants: What about Chicagoans?

Chicagoans have been cursed with thousands of shootings a year and the death toll being just as high. Families have been torn apart thanks to a justice system that has a finger on one of Justice’s scales. Lady justice, when it comes to Chicago has been peeking under her blindfold. On Saturday, June 30th 2018, thousands marched to protest something. Can you guess what that is? After what I’ve just told you, you’d think it’d be the gang violence that’s happening in the city at this very moment!

No! It was children being separated from their families, parents of children who had crossed this border illegally, NOT the citizens that have gotten their children ripped from them. They weren’t protesting the fact that people with unfair sentences have gotten their children separated from them. They haven’t protested the fathers that have been alienated from their families through irrational court rulings. They have barely talked about the parents that have been permanently separated from their children because of gang violence. Gang violence that the city seems negligent to acknowledge. It really makes you wonder… are these people’s heads not screwed on right? Do they not realize that they are putting illegal immigrants first over their own people? It may seem like a selfless act to put yourself first, but it’s a well-known rule that you can’t help anyone until you can help yourself. Something that leftists, just can’t understand.

Logic has been thrown out an airlock in the middle of space somewhere. There is nothing left of it on this planet, except for a small minority. Everyone holds endless knowledge in the palm of their hands, except they do not pursue the knowledge, they expect it to come to them.  It’s disgusting how stupid people have become.

If they did any research they would realize that ICE isn’t the one who is separating the children, border patrol is. In 2009, a policy was put in place that all people who crossed the border, that upon arrest, DNA was to be collected. This was so any crimes committed by an illegal alien that happened to leave their DNA behind could be identified. In an effort to find the children’s parents, DNA was taken from the children as well. Yes, most children are related to the people taking them over the border. However, it’s not an administration policy. The policy implemented was ‘no tolerance’, this doesn’t mean that the policy included separation of families.  In simple terms:

  •      President’s Policy: Every person who crosses the Border Must be Arrested
  •     National Law: Everyone who is arrested has their children separated and taken to DHS or a family member

When a citizen gets arrest, even for a misdemeanor and they have a child with them, the child either has to be taken by a family member or they are sent to DHS. The same thing is happening here. The detail here is ‘upon arrest’, both citizens and non-citizens must abide to this. Since we don’t know the family members of these children, they must automatically be sent to DHS. It makes many citizens, who still have their logic in tact, ask themselves, “why are they so special?”

Until Chicago has washed its’ hands clean of its own atrocities,

They have no real voice in the matter



Riot at Portland Freedom Rally



Antifa has struck again against a peaceful display of pro-peace. The violent group, without permit, crashed the Trump supporter party. With fists and various objects, Antifa members beat Trump supporters without the supporters showing any antagonism. They were beat simply because they showed open support for the president. They did so in the name of anti-fascism, ironically using fascist tactics to silence their political opponents.

Trump supporters tried their best to defend themselves, without any weapons to counter the violent group. They were forced to use nothing but their bodies to defend against the attacks. The most antagonism that happened were the Trump supporters repeating the Pledge of Allegiance over and over.

They threw rocks and eggs at the protesters. Finally the Trump Supporters had enough, and basically stampeded them. A riot was officially called by Portland Police the Department.

I have bought the Antifa handbook just to get a glimpse into the minds of these supporters, and the results are disturbing. He admits that, “Some antifa groups are more Marxist while others are more anarchist or anti-authoritarian.” The fact that he admits the group members have supporter anarchism and Marxism is appalling. Anti-authoritarian isn’t so horrible, but to what degree do they believe is an unacceptable form of authority? Every country has to have some degree of authority or else, you don’t have a country. Sorry, but the human race is not enlightened enough to survive outside of this structure.

The hypocrisy of Antifa is using Authoritarian acts to enforce their own beliefs on others. This is a trademark of fascism, instead they could have started their own enlightened community and apply their beliefs. Yet, they’re not antifascists, they ARE the fascists and using the antifascist label to shield their fascism.

The group “Patriot Prayer” had obtained a permit for a march in the area, as confirmed by the Portland Police department:


Reports of the rally from the Police Department can be found here.

However, the left-wing mainstream media won’t tell you that it was Antifa that started this provocation. They’ve spun it to where the Patriot Prayer group was the perpetrator. Many weapons that were confiscated from the group initially were intended to be used in the name of self defense. Antifa had no permit to be in the area, and was exclusively there to shut down the Freedom Rally. Think of that for a moment, the only reason they were there was to shut down someone else’s first amendment rights, that they had a permit for.

The reason there was a dispersement order and the permit revoked, wasn’t due to the Patriot Prayer group hunting down Antifa. Reality is, the police department has kept everything 100% neutral in their reporting. It seems that both parties were at fault for the canceling of the group’s march. Yet, many mainstream media place their biased opinions in their articles, painting Trump Supporters as perpetrators, instead of just reporting the facts.

Huffington Post’s title has bias to begin with, “Right-Wing Portland Rally Declared Riot Amid Clashes With Antifa Protesters” First of all, Antifa weren’t protesters since they didn’t have a permit to confront the activists. How is saying the pledge of allegiance and supporting your president considered right-wing today?

A word of advice when reading the mainstream media:

REMEMBER, Anything to the Right of the Far-Left today is Considered “Alt-Right”