Update on “GET IN SHAPE”

Last time I talked about exercise I was writing about what is known as the “Summer Slim Down” program. I must say, I’m a little disappointed. It wasn’t the group effort I was hoping for. I haven’t lost any weight but you can tell that I’ve been losing SOMETHING!

I’m not brave enough to put my “progress pictures” up yet, I’m too embarrassed to have any picture of myself up at all. But I have been taking measurements and I am seriously seeing and feeling the effects of working out.

I have currently lost four inches off my waist, an inch and a half off my hips, and gained two on my chest. With a net loss of 3.5inches all together. Now a gain on my chest seems like a bad thing, but in all reality I’ve been focusing on those muscles the most. I believe that gain is actually because of more muscle around my under-arm. My arm muscles have toned up the most I’ve seen them in years.

My leg exercises are the hardest, I do weighted walking lunges around the gym. On top of that I get on an exercise bike, take my Sudoku app out and promise myself not to stop pedaling until I finish a game on ‘hard’. The speed usually averages on 5-7 the entire time. After that’s finished, I go to an inner thigh machine that allows me to do inner thigh squeezes… again until I finish a ‘hard’ problem. My leg muscles are still burning today and did this exercise the day before yesterday.

I’ve also been doing weighted decline crunches with a good fifteen to twenty pounds on my chest.

This is the only burn I want to feel.

Hopefully soon I lose some ACTUAL weight instead of just inches.


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