To Abolish ICE is to Forget 9/11

Where were you when the first plane slammed into the North Tower? I was only in sixth grade, an 11-year-old, who still remembers that day as though it were yesterday.  Initially in a state of panic, we watched what was happening on television. It was as though the world stood still. Nothing mattered that day except for what was happening in New York. People jumping out of the burning skyscraper, knowing that there was no other way out. I cried that night just at the realization that there were people out there that were so heartless to kill massive amounts of people for nothing. I still cry for those people, even more so knowing that much of our country has appeared to have forgotten. It seems like half of our country has amnesia, because they don’t seem to realize that there are people out there that truly hate our country and will do anything to destroy it.

Many of the younger people who are being groomed by radical left mentors don’t know what that horror feels like. Documentaries over the issue doesn’t cover it. Even worse, many suggest that it was all just a hoax, even though the hijackers made accidental transmissions that confirms the story.

After this National tragedy, it was decided that more extreme National Security was needed in order to deal with the new threats. Many Democrats are saying that ICE isn’t doing what they were originally designed to do. It doesn’t matter if the target has changed, what hasn’t changed is the attack on sovereignty. Violent illegal gang members, human traffickers, and smugglers are all attacks on the United States. ICE’s function was always about getting potential threats out of our country.

How exactly is taking illegal aliens out of our country NOT fulfilling that job? How are keeping criminals off the streets, that shouldn’t be here to begin with,  against American values? If we do not have ICE we run the risk of no longer having an America at all. If we aren’t careful, we’ll be the ones fleeing our country. Many of the people who are marching against ICE are marching against American sovereignty and are handing our country to the world on a silver platter.



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