Update on “GET IN SHAPE”

Last time I talked about exercise I was writing about what is known as the “Summer Slim Down” program. I must say, I’m a little disappointed. It wasn’t the group effort I was hoping for. I haven’t lost any weight but you can tell that I’ve been losing SOMETHING!

I’m not brave enough to put my “progress pictures” up yet, I’m too embarrassed to have any picture of myself up at all. But I have been taking measurements and I am seriously seeing and feeling the effects of working out.

I have currently lost four inches off my waist, an inch and a half off my hips, and gained two on my chest. With a net loss of 3.5inches all together. Now a gain on my chest seems like a bad thing, but in all reality I’ve been focusing on those muscles the most. I believe that gain is actually because of more muscle around my under-arm. My arm muscles have toned up the most I’ve seen them in years.

My leg exercises are the hardest, I do weighted walking lunges around the gym. On top of that I get on an exercise bike, take my Sudoku app out and promise myself not to stop pedaling until I finish a game on ‘hard’. The speed usually averages on 5-7 the entire time. After that’s finished, I go to an inner thigh machine that allows me to do inner thigh squeezes… again until I finish a ‘hard’ problem. My leg muscles are still burning today and did this exercise the day before yesterday.

I’ve also been doing weighted decline crunches with a good fifteen to twenty pounds on my chest.

This is the only burn I want to feel.

Hopefully soon I lose some ACTUAL weight instead of just inches.


To Abolish ICE is to Forget 9/11


Where were you when the first plane slammed into the North Tower? I was only in sixth grade, an 11-year-old, who still remembers that day as though it were yesterday.  Initially in a state of panic, we watched what was happening on television. It was as though the world stood still. Nothing mattered that day except for what was happening in New York. People jumping out of the burning skyscraper, knowing that there was no other way out. I cried that night just at the realization that there were people out there that were so heartless to kill massive amounts of people for nothing. I still cry for those people, even more so knowing that much of our country has appeared to have forgotten. It seems like half of our country has amnesia, because they don’t seem to realize that there are people out there that truly hate our country and will do anything to destroy it.

Many of the younger people who are being groomed by radical left mentors don’t know what that horror feels like. Documentaries over the issue doesn’t cover it. Even worse, many suggest that it was all just a hoax, even though the hijackers made accidental transmissions that confirms the story.

After this National tragedy, it was decided that more extreme National Security was needed in order to deal with the new threats. Many Democrats are saying that ICE isn’t doing what they were originally designed to do. It doesn’t matter if the target has changed, what hasn’t changed is the attack on sovereignty. Violent illegal gang members, human traffickers, and smugglers are all attacks on the United States. ICE’s function was always about getting potential threats out of our country.

How exactly is taking illegal aliens out of our country NOT fulfilling that job? How are keeping criminals off the streets, that shouldn’t be here to begin with,  against American values? If we do not have ICE we run the risk of no longer having an America at all. If we aren’t careful, we’ll be the ones fleeing our country. Many of the people who are marching against ICE are marching against American sovereignty and are handing our country to the world on a silver platter.


The Left’s Hypocrisy on Fathers: Illegals VS Citizens


Father’s day is supposed to be a day to honor fatherhood. The left, of course has been griping about the National Policy of separating children from their parents. A policy, I might add, that has been in effect for decades and is not a Trump administration policy. On Father’s day, members of the Democratic Party were outraged that Illegal children couldn’t be with their father’s on father’s day.

They went so far as going to the Immigrant Detention Center in order to protest the poor fathers being detained on father’s day.

If I could ask all the Democrats, who were so dramatic fighting for these illegal fathers, anything it would be…

  • Where have you been this past decade?
  • Since when did you believe Fathers HAD rights?
  • Why are you fighting for Illegal fathers, but have yet to acknowledge that American Fathers are suffering?
  • Why is it immoral to take away children from Illegal fathers, but okay to take children away from fathers who are citizens?
  • How is it totally okay to have laws that discriminate against male citizens, but immoral to have a laws that take children from illegal aliens because they broke the law?

If you don’t know what I’m getting at, let me give you some perspective. For the past several years, Democrat-backed groups have called father rights groups sexist and slandered them. Women are still more likely to get custody of children than fathers, even in instances the father is a better parent. Even if a father today pays their child support, mothers are not held accountable when they alienate the child from the father. However, when a father withholds child support as leverage to gain access to their own children, they face extreme consequences:

  • loss of driver’s license
  • garnishment of wages
  • jail time
  • probation

Not to mention the stigma one has to carry around of being labeled a “deadbeat father”. This is a country where it’s become “okay” to hold a child hostage against their own fathers. Yet, when a father tries to flee with their child, that father is considered to be a kidnapper. Parental alienation is not even being acknowledged by the Democratic party. Fathers are committing suicide at an alarming rate due to alienation, being legally abused, and emotionally abused by their children’s mothers. The drug usage increases when a father is alienated from his children. Democrats seem to have just sat on their butts and watched these problems.

Father’s advocates and rights groups have been trying to bring these problems to light for years. Though, feminist agencies have used a large amount of their energy towards shutting down their voices. Instead of creating new laws to fix these problems, all they done is drowned out the activist’s voices. Paint them as though they are a danger to gender equality, when the true gender inequality is being perpetrated before everyone’s eyes.

Democrats are now dramatically acting as though fathers matter. Which is why I asked: where have you been? What they won’t say are only ILLEGAL fathers matter, because they are potential future voters. They want to look as though they care. They don’t.

Are you understanding it yet? The hypocrisy behind these actions?

Democrats have lazily sat by for years while children have been ripped away from their loving fathers. Fathers, many whom get the blame for being absent in the end, that love their children. This is done through an abusive, biased, and broken court system that has heavily favored women. Even in the instance where children have verbally requested to live with their fathers, they are denied. Though the psychological consequences of alienating a child, through data, is shown to be catastrophic there’s no punishment for it.

Some will say that my argument isn’t legit simply because children are being torn from their parents at the border. To that I say, bull. Parents come to this country with full knowledge that they will be separated from their children. They also, as a family, decide to illegally cross the border knowing that being broken up will be a consequence. This is a moral crime committed by the child’s own parents, NOT by the legal system. The other moral crime are Democrats screaming about it and doing nothing to fix it. It’s like taking video of themselves yelling that child labor is wrong in front of a child labor camp, and then not using their power to shut it down.

My point in the end? Illegal immigrant fathers are being treated with more respect and dignity than the American citizens our country is supposed to be protecting.

So DEAR DEMOCRATS: if ANYONE are using children as pawns… it’s YOU.

America FIRST