Twitter Censors a Student Of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School



On May 25, a tweet was sent out by @TheALX wondering why Twitter suspended a Marjory Stoneman Douglas Survivor.

This student was well known for taking video recording of the school shooting and posting it on Social Media. Both CNN and Twitter Support quoted his initial social media posting. However, the student’s account was mysteriously suspended on the basis that he was not yet 13. So as firm proof, @TheCaptainAidan allegedly sent a copy of his birth certificate as evidence.

Yet, if you do the math, it’s nearly impossible for a student to be in high school and NOT be 13 already. If he IS 13 and in high school, does that not also suggest that the young man is psychologically mature enough to be on Twitter anyways?

However, when I attempted to look up his page, twitter had removed it already!

However, they have yet to remove a South African youth (whose age is questionable) who I got into a conflict and reported for tweeting out death threats to whites in general. (this conflict is documented in one of my videos) When I Googled his previous name “Dream League Fanatic” you get this image:

However, when you click on the link given to you at Google it shows that not only is his account still alive and well, but he’s changed everything on it so that nobody knows who he used to be. He changed his pictures and account name from “Dream League Fanatic” to “The Manager”, he even changed the domain linked to his account. However, the username @asalive433 is the exact same and the tweets to this page date back to before 2017 which means this is the same person that I captured and reported for his horrific tweets. Instead of posting his open hatred for whites, he is now posting his open obsession with porn.

So how is it that this youth… South African, porn obsessed, filled with hatred, and unable to verify his age… allowed to continue his account AFTER being reported for serious tweets over a month ago (I highly suggest you watch my video for this).

But this youth: American, survivor of a horrific crime, was NOT reported, confirmed his age… has been erased from Twitter within a few weeks!

Even the New York Post and Jezebel clearly states that he is fourteen. It’s not rocket science to realize that this youth was old enough. What’s also NOT rocket science is realizing that he was more than likely erased from Twitter due to his and his brother’s support of the first and second Amendments.

Aidan’s brother, Brandon (18), was featured on Fox News claiming that he does not support the gun control push that his school’s tragedy is being used for. It is safe to assume that Aidan and his brother agree with one another, apparently they’re close. But we’ll never know, because as soon as the Left was through using his voice for their own agenda, they cancelled his ability to voice his opinion. Proof of the left using children’s crises to further their own agendas and not really caring about their voices.



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