Why I Cancelled Netflix, and why you should too!


Some people are boycotting Netflix, now represented by a hashtag of #LEFTFLIX people don’t seem to understand WHY anyone should cancel Netflix. Is it convenient, yes. However, when you actually look at some of the documentaries being broad-casted, you’ll understand. Netflix is supposed to be about entertainment and the expansion of knowledge in the comfort of your own home.

The corporation has been going down hill ever since Donald Trump was elected president. There are at least three documentaries to date, that specifically target Donald Trump and his family. Expressing all the negatives associated with his life- why do I care about an affair he had? He’s human, it’s his relationship, and there are reasons billionaires cheat versus regular people. Not to mention it’s in the past! There are at least two others that target Conservatives. Interestingly enough, there has also been an increase in Nazi documentaries since the election. Why so many Nazi documentaries you think? I know why, because all Trump supporters are Nazis and somehow these documentaries of  Nazis will convert people over to the “good side”. How do I say it? This doesn’t work when the people who ‘need educating’ see the ‘educators’ as the Nazis.

A matter of fact, propaganda in the education system was one of the biggest ways of converting much of Germany to the Nazi party. It was a false history being taught to children, slanting many major details. Details that run parallel to today’s lies of Stalin being a good leader, never speaking of any slave trades except the American one, or the origins of planned parenthood as a “Women’s Health Facility”. Small manipulations of the truth that gather people behind a completely different set of values had they heard it untainted. There are documentaries on Netflix that tell history in a certain context, and context is everything.

Even the fiction in Netflix slants to the left and it’s ruined many of the Marvel Comics shows. This year, the new Jessica Jones series was released on International Women’s Day. It’s basically about a drunken woman with super human strength; and although I loved the first season, I can’t stand the politics that has been inserted into the second season. The illegal immigrant was definitely one of the biggest blows to the show. NOT because I dislike illegal immigrants, but because how they made them look. He doesn’t want to be found out, but if he has all these talents shouldn’t he become legal? I don’t know of any Trump supporter that would endorse this character. Jones endorsing his illegal status and encouraging his fraud business makes her more of a dirty vigil anti and hurts the show. The other big thing, is her values are seen as strong; but drinking to dull pain, acting as though you don’t care, constantly being in and out of sexual relationships, and using physical violence to scare people into submission are classic signs of psychological weakness and long-term depression. There are women out there that actually view these characteristics as admirable, it’s not a place you want to be. Her classic “I don’t give a fuck” attitude is nothing more than code word for “I give too many fucks”. It seems that Netflix is so focused on politics now, that it won’t finish many of the good Marvel series that it originally started. Even in the comedy of Santa Clarita Diet, there are Nazis. Maybe I’m just a little sick of seeing Nazis and would settle for some good old-fashioned heroes?

And just for people who are not in my country: now that the Obamas have signed a contract in creating content for the media outlet expect MORE propaganda. Expect people to use terms outside of their original meaning, expect definitions to be altered, stories to be bent to fit certain narratives. If political correctness gives you a headache, cancel now and save yourselves the pain! The same woman who thinks that there’s something wrong with women if they didn’t vote a certain way is here to slip into your entertainment to FURTHER tell you what’s wrong with your voice. The same man who defined harassment as not needing a target or repeated act, but merely had to offend someone once and screwed up our schools’ handling of harassment is here to educate you more. I am SICK of the Obama’s version of virtues. Many in other countries don’t know that this man comes from Chicago. The Last five governors in Illinois went to federal prison because of their crimes. Chicago is known for its twisted dirty two-faced politicians. In an environment like that, what makes you think that Obama is NOT dirty? To think that I voted for him once! NEVER AGAIN!

I’m getting sick of politics inserted into everything! The thing that will really bring people together? Let go of Netflix even if just for a little while. Get rid of some of the politics in life. Live life outside for a little while. It’s not going to be a new show that brings people together, it’s going to be getting rid of shows for a while that does the trick. Think of this way… you’re not walking out on Netflix, they’re walking out on you!





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