After the Town Hall Meeting

After going to the meeting I have concluded that the city is doing its’ best and if anyone is to blame its the state of Illinois itself.

The state has reduced the price of income tax the town can receive along with the percentage of sales tax they can take in. So in order to compensate for the percentage of tax revenue lost to the state, the town has had to either raise local taxes or cut local funds. All of this, while simultaneously pleasing locals with the work they want done.

There have been more streets repaired and sewage work done in the past five years with the Republican mayor Moore, than in his Democratic predecessor’s term.

Ironically, mayor Moore has less funds to work with than his predecessor as well. I however have concerns, the official website of Quincy have not fixed their glitch when revealing their budget and monthly budget summaries. The links do not resolve anywhere. According to a comment left on the city’s Facebook page, this problem is not new. It has apparently been malfunctioning since before March of 2017.

I do not believe this is intentional, I believe the administration has a lack of communication when it comes to the people. People only stop to look at politics when it starts affecting their own lives. The city needs to start broadcasting their information, having them go to the people instead of the people having to go to them. If they do this, people are less likely to jump to conclusions and understand what’s happening.

These are pictures shown at the conference of what the city is having to fix.

A water main from Quincy installed in 1901 & removed in 2016

A water main installed 1896 & removed 2016

Sink holes created by crumbling sewers- some so old they’re made of brick.

All the pipes were cast iron, which causes rust and leakages. Quincy’s sewer system is over 100 years old and falling apart.

And though I don’t like the thought of losing money at the library, I can’t say that our local government hasn’t thought it through. If we want to help the library and fire stations we have to donate to them and try to find solutions.


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