Trump’s Policies Showing Locally

According to The Herald Whig, local manufacturers are saying there will be more high quality jobs for local workers. Estimating 27,000 jobs every year for the next five years! Manufacturing industries such as Knapheide have been thinking expansion. With Knapheide already building a new building and looking for experienced welders.

There was a time however, when industries left Quincy. Trinity, a large tank factory left hundreds of workers stranded as the industry comfortably settled in Mexico. However, due to fate itself, Manchester Tank picked up the tanks Trinity made, causing their Quincy plant to expand on its product. Now Manchester Tank has very little competition since its only real competition left the United States.

Wages have also increased in local manufacturers, this changes the rate a person starts off at and also the cap a person stops at. Some by a mere 25 cents an hour others a dollar or more.

Whether these changes create progress or not is anyone’s guess. Yet I’m hopeful that this is the light to a promising future and not the headlight of a train getting ready to trample us.


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