City Of Quincy Threatening to Cut Funding to Critical Things

Today I’m going to a town hall meeting at 5:30pm in reaction to the suggestion of cutting funding to critical departments. Fire stations and the library are both under fire for targeted cuts.

This is happening after the mayor and alderman decided to take a trip to Chicago for an unneeded conference. The twelve people spent a total of 17k in taxpayer dollars for rooms and meals at a luxurious Hilton hotel. Other counties spent less than a quarter of that amount total.

Even though these are supposed republicans I feel obligated to call them out on their spending hypocrisy. The conference was a municipality meeting which cost at least 300$ per person for entrance fees.

Was it really necessary to send all 12 people? No it wasn’t. It was a waste of our money. Why waste money on city running advice when the information is based on a city that clearly fails at running itself?

Tonight I will attempt to speak my mind, whether I will get the chance or not is a different story.

Hopefully I’ll be able to capture video.


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