My Problem With the Cosby Conviction

Even though Bill Cosby was found guilty on three counts of Sexual Assault, there are four major holes in the case that I want to see filled or at least acknowledged:

  1. The presumption of Cosby’s guilt through society’s feminist lens BEFORE the trial    (a tainted jury)
  2. The assumption that Bill Cosby wasn’t intoxicated himself
  3. The acknowledgement that a Feminist definition of ‘Consent’ is being used in court
  4. There was no actual physical proof, beyond reasonable doubt, that Cosby had intent of raping anyone


Feminist society has been pushing for a rule that all accusers of rape should be automatically believed. This not only goes against a person’s right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty, but creates a sure path to being found guilty (even if innocent). It creates an opening for mob-mentality and swift fact-less judgements. I believe Bill Cosby was a victim of this and was falsely found guilty based on the words of alleged victims. When anyone who makes an accusation is believed, it distorts a jury’s outlook on the entire case from the beginning. Causing them to assume anyone accusing an alleged perpetrator as telling the truth. In the past it has led women to their deaths, and black men to being lynched. The presumption of guilt in the accused leads to injustice all around.


Bill Cosby acknowledges that he gave drugs to his alleged victims. However, if we were to find out that he also took intoxicants along with these women, it could change the entire case. Why? Because this is all based upon the accuser’s consent. If he were just as intoxicated as the women making the accusations, why is he to be held account for his actions and she not? If this is the case, standards are completely biased. It could possibly be the accuser’s undoing.


Consent to feminists is different from what normal people would consider consent. Saying ‘yes’ while intoxicated isn’t considered consent, that is if you’re a female it’s not. Even if a woman with informed consent takes a pill that intoxicates her (like in Cosby’s case) then gets undressed by herself, and willingly hops on his dick.. she technically didn’t consent to the penetration because she was intoxicated. Even though that intoxication was consented to. The funny thing about Feminists’ version of consent, is that even if both parties are intoxicated, they still consider the man a perpetrator. Even if a person does consent, Feminists believe that if a woman regrets her actions, they could consider it rape.


There is no proof, besides the testimony of these women. The assumption that all these women are telling the truth is part of feminist culture. People will ask, “What’s their motivation to lie?”. The reality is, what is their motive to lie? We don’t know the backgrounds of these people. There are plenty of motivations to lie, whether it’s for the attention they get when people feel sympathy for them, they didn’t like him, they thought he was guilty and wanted to shut him down, or tried to get money out of him by not talking. Just because testimony takes place under oath, doesn’t make it true. Just because there are tears shed, doesn’t mean they aren’t faked. And with the jury largely being tainted to the presumption of guilt, it created a bias as to whose story to believe. It was word against word.

I know for a fact that feminist women will fake stories, having been a radical feminist from 2008-2012 and literally HEARING women conspire against some men. Sometimes to make others mutually angry at the same person, getting attention, or trying to get money out of a famous person. It’s not unusual for radical women to do this. This is why radical feminism HURTS EVERYONE! Is it possible that Cosby is a predator? Yes, absolutely, but is it JUST as possible that he is nothing more than an innocent man caught up in radical feminist culture? TOTALLY!



After the Town Hall Meeting

After going to the meeting I have concluded that the city is doing its’ best and if anyone is to blame its the state of Illinois itself.

The state has reduced the price of income tax the town can receive along with the percentage of sales tax they can take in. So in order to compensate for the percentage of tax revenue lost to the state, the town has had to either raise local taxes or cut local funds. All of this, while simultaneously pleasing locals with the work they want done.

There have been more streets repaired and sewage work done in the past five years with the Republican mayor Moore, than in his Democratic predecessor’s term.

Ironically, mayor Moore has less funds to work with than his predecessor as well. I however have concerns, the official website of Quincy have not fixed their glitch when revealing their budget and monthly budget summaries. The links do not resolve anywhere. According to a comment left on the city’s Facebook page, this problem is not new. It has apparently been malfunctioning since before March of 2017.

I do not believe this is intentional, I believe the administration has a lack of communication when it comes to the people. People only stop to look at politics when it starts affecting their own lives. The city needs to start broadcasting their information, having them go to the people instead of the people having to go to them. If they do this, people are less likely to jump to conclusions and understand what’s happening.

These are pictures shown at the conference of what the city is having to fix.

A water main from Quincy installed in 1901 & removed in 2016

A water main installed 1896 & removed 2016

Sink holes created by crumbling sewers- some so old they’re made of brick.

All the pipes were cast iron, which causes rust and leakages. Quincy’s sewer system is over 100 years old and falling apart.

And though I don’t like the thought of losing money at the library, I can’t say that our local government hasn’t thought it through. If we want to help the library and fire stations we have to donate to them and try to find solutions.

City Of Quincy Threatening to Cut Funding to Critical Things

Today I’m going to a town hall meeting at 5:30pm in reaction to the suggestion of cutting funding to critical departments. Fire stations and the library are both under fire for targeted cuts.

This is happening after the mayor and alderman decided to take a trip to Chicago for an unneeded conference. The twelve people spent a total of 17k in taxpayer dollars for rooms and meals at a luxurious Hilton hotel. Other counties spent less than a quarter of that amount total.

Even though these are supposed republicans I feel obligated to call them out on their spending hypocrisy. The conference was a municipality meeting which cost at least 300$ per person for entrance fees.

Was it really necessary to send all 12 people? No it wasn’t. It was a waste of our money. Why waste money on city running advice when the information is based on a city that clearly fails at running itself?

Tonight I will attempt to speak my mind, whether I will get the chance or not is a different story.

Hopefully I’ll be able to capture video.

Make America Great Again: Get in Shape!

One reason America was great compared to today’s America, people made healthier decisions. It made people gag when someone in a scooter was seen coasting by, with half their belly or back end hanging out of their shirt. Now, with today’s “fat acceptance” it’s becoming harder to call obesity what it is: disgusting and dangerously unhealthy.

I’ll admit at 28 and having had one child, I’m significantly overweight. At 191lbs, I started the Summer Slim Down challenge at my local YMCA hoping to find the encouragement I needed to slim down and shape up. Today, over half of Americans are obese and this is causing large amounts of problems in todays society. Sometimes I wonder, if Obesity were taken out of the picture would we still be having a debate about the American Health system? Maybe it took everyone getting fat to acknowledge there WAS a problem.

As of yet, I have lost 4 1/2lbs in one week, creeping down to 186.4lbs to this day. My goal is 145, and at the rate I’m going it’s completely feasible. 80% of my strategy has been diet and counting my calorie intake, drinking less sugar, and drinking more water. This with the combination of exercise and peer pressure. I’ve been going down the right path so far.

Another thing that’s stopped is being able to acknowledge someone AS fat. I would tell someone, “God I’m fat!”, and they would say, “No, you look fine”. This fat acceptance thing doesn’t help people’s self-esteem. Most people WANT to lose weight, and telling them that they’re fine just the way they are, is keeping them in that state. It’s not supportive, it’s enabling. It crushes any motivation to do something about it and only encourages their behavior.

I’ll admit, I’m NOT that big compared to many in my own age. However, I feel just as big because I know my weight isn’t healthy. I feel depressed because I used to look good and WANT that again. Plus I know that my health would drastically improve if I lost weight. And anyone who thinks I’m taking it too seriously, might want to watch a video on Netflix called “Obesity: post Mortem” perhaps you’ll learn just how serious Obesity is.

I’m willing to Make America Great Again and going against “Fat Acceptance” by getting rid of my extra fat. Are you?




Trump’s Policies Showing Locally

According to The Herald Whig, local manufacturers are saying there will be more high quality jobs for local workers. Estimating 27,000 jobs every year for the next five years! Manufacturing industries such as Knapheide have been thinking expansion. With Knapheide already building a new building and looking for experienced welders.

There was a time however, when industries left Quincy. Trinity, a large tank factory left hundreds of workers stranded as the industry comfortably settled in Mexico. However, due to fate itself, Manchester Tank picked up the tanks Trinity made, causing their Quincy plant to expand on its product. Now Manchester Tank has very little competition since its only real competition left the United States.

Wages have also increased in local manufacturers, this changes the rate a person starts off at and also the cap a person stops at. Some by a mere 25 cents an hour others a dollar or more.

Whether these changes create progress or not is anyone’s guess. Yet I’m hopeful that this is the light to a promising future and not the headlight of a train getting ready to trample us.