Many Trump Supporters Giving Up on Draining the Swamp

With the signing of the horrible spending bill, which many Trump Supporters wanted vetoed, many of Trump’s base have lost hope that the Swamp in Washington will EVER be drained. There were many who put their hands in the air and said “I give up!”.

It definitely felt like a lose today, but it wasn’t because of the spending bill, it was the fact that it felt like Donald Trump caved to the corruption. I don’t always agree with what Trump does, but this was an extreme disappointment to many in his base. The only thing that was a positive was military spending. However, many in his base do not really care about military funding other than helping veterans get off the streets and having them get the healthcare they need. Trump was saying something about Nuclear power, but no one in his base actually cares about being a large nuclear power.

The only thing we want more than anything is the wall. Though a ray of hope is still there within the bill that set aside at least $1.6 billion for the border wall. Yet, unless Trump goes through with his promise to start construction immediately, his chances of seeing another term are slim to none.

We don’t care about our nuclear capacity, we don’t care about other countries right now, we don’t care about anything but getting our OWN BORDER secured, Washington drained of corruption, and jobs! Many said the slogan of Make America Great Again was dead just on him signing this bill. Many said they were jumping off the Trump Train. I hope it’s neither is true, but I will not vote for someone who will not try harder to get the wall built completely.

Today the Swamp won, a drain clogged, and many many people disappointed as their hope faded away. All we can do now is wait to see what happens. Let’s hope America will be Great Again.


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