Psychiatric Medication is Dangerous

Many people don’t know it, but on the bottle of every psychiatric medication there are warnings that it may cause homicidal or suicidal tendencies. This is the biggest reason that stopping them cold turkey could end up killing you or someone you care about. All drugs have withdrawal effects, and for the weak of heart, they’re in greater danger of experiencing these symptoms.

However, it’s not just the drugs you commonly think about as having these effects. Drugs such as Seroquel, which are commonly used for sleeplessness in people who don’t have mental illnesses, are just as dangerous. They don’t tell you, but medications commonly used for sleep aids every night, are actually psychiatric medications. Withdrawal symptoms for these medications (if you can call them that) also include suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

But in people who are already majorly depressed, quitting these pills can have the same affect as any addict quitting cold turkey. They can fall into such a ditch that there is nothing left to lose, the absence of the drug can intensify the depression into pure insanity.

Every mass school shooting has been done by a child that had been withdrawing from psychiatric prescriptions. Psychiatrists will say that it’s precisely the reason the kid needs the drug so much. The media will argue it’s a conspiracy theory written by a group known as CCHR. Is it? Or are we simply applying a band-aid and avoiding the real problems? Even if CCHR is a conspiracy factory, the facts warrant questioning of psychiatric pills.

Another fact, psychiatric medication is no different than a person self-medicating with alcohol. Yet, for some reason we see one as avoiding their problems and the other as resolving their problems. Why? Because we have been conditioned by big industries and the people they pay off to believe so. Realistically, we’re supposed to find out why we’re taking these pills in the first place through counseling with a goal of getting off of them. Instead of just drugging ourselves into a fake happiness, we need to find the root of our unhappiness and talk about it. Yet we don’t do this, we simply dope our children and forget about how they’re feeling or having any concern about their well-being. An hour a week at a therapist is not enough to heal a deep rooted emotional problem. And don’t get me started on involuntary commitment. They don’t do anything for a person except drug people and ignore them. There’s no real therapy and people inside feel like prisoners instead of patients.

Parents need to wake up, if you have a troubled teen, don’t drug them; because truth be told they are simply a reflection of how much you have or have not loved them.


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