Many Trump Supporters Giving Up on Draining the Swamp

With the signing of the horrible spending bill, which many Trump Supporters wanted vetoed, many of Trump’s base have lost hope that the Swamp in Washington will EVER be drained. There were many who put their hands in the air and said “I give up!”.

It definitely felt like a lose today, but it wasn’t because of the spending bill, it was the fact that it felt like Donald Trump caved to the corruption. I don’t always agree with what Trump does, but this was an extreme disappointment to many in his base. The only thing that was a positive was military spending. However, many in his base do not really care about military funding other than helping veterans get off the streets and having them get the healthcare they need. Trump was saying something about Nuclear power, but no one in his base actually cares about being a large nuclear power.

The only thing we want more than anything is the wall. Though a ray of hope is still there within the bill that set aside at least $1.6 billion for the border wall. Yet, unless Trump goes through with his promise to start construction immediately, his chances of seeing another term are slim to none.

We don’t care about our nuclear capacity, we don’t care about other countries right now, we don’t care about anything but getting our OWN BORDER secured, Washington drained of corruption, and jobs! Many said the slogan of Make America Great Again was dead just on him signing this bill. Many said they were jumping off the Trump Train. I hope it’s neither is true, but I will not vote for someone who will not try harder to get the wall built completely.

Today the Swamp won, a drain clogged, and many many people disappointed as their hope faded away. All we can do now is wait to see what happens. Let’s hope America will be Great Again.


Cut Off Funding To Zimbabwe & South Africa

I’m sure you’ve been hearing news about the food and water shortage in Zimbabwe. What you don’t hear about are the reasons behind that shortage. Like South Africa, Zimbabwe has been fundamentally racist towards its local whites. In both cases, whites are not only being denied critical job positions, but are being murdered ruthlessly without any consequences.

Refusal to hire white workers has caused many of the shortage problems in the country. The skills required to maintain equipment that pumps, sanitizes, and transfers water are critical to sanitation. However, throughout the country experienced workers in these fields are being denied jobs simply because they are white. Harare, Zimbabwe’s capitol, has had large outbursts of Cholera due to widespread sanitation problems. However, whites being denied jobs in Zimbabwe is not talked about in mainstream media. Due to it not fitting with the narrative that whites are to blame for their troubles you will never hear about their mistreatment except from the whites themselves. Yet these testimonies come straight from the horse’s mouth and not through third parties.

Liberal media paints white farmers as evil people having taken only the most fertile soil from the Zimbabweans. Yet, the reality is, the whites ARE Zimbabweans why is it wrong for them to farm on that land?  On top of that, white farmers are being murdered, many times by ways of torture.

You can tell how corrupt a country is simply on how it treats its minorities. In Zimbabwe, whites are not allowed to vote, only whites with UK backgrounds were stripped of their passports, robbed, murdered and beaten souly on skin color.  However, it’s not just the whites who are in danger, anyone who supports the whites are being targeted as well. Specifically by the ZANU-PF (Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front) who has been in power since the 1980 election and in support of Robert Mugabe and the newly appointed leader ex vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. If you vote for anyone but these people, you could end up meeting the ZANU forces cruelty.

When it comes to white farmers, the Zimbabwe government has been mentally cruel as well. First Mugabe evicted white farmers off their property, in many cases violently.  Then white farmers in exile were encouraged to come back to their land in September of 2017 to January 2018 after fleeing. They were being promised 99 year leases, the same as their black counterparts. Yet, people who fled Zimbabwe are now reluctant to return, the government is not trustworthy or reliable.

Yet, even though this country is corrupt and racist towards its minority, it receives funding from the United States. It receives money for problems that their government not only created, but keep the nation in. It keeps its country in a state of poverty by refusing to hire qualified workers no matter what their skin color. Even worse they said that murderers of the white farm massacres will not be charged. Any government that stands by and does not punish mass genocide should not be supported. It should not be receiving funds when it is not doing everything within its power to get our of the hole they’re in.

Even President Trump thought about cutting funding off in 2017, the leftist media had a field day. Naturally it criticized him for cutting off funding to a country for going through ‘difficult’ times. When in all reality, they created these problems themselves. I agree with Trump, Zimbabwe doesn’t deserve our money. I say cut off donations to both South Africa and Zimbabwe federal funding, to show we are NOT a country that supports their disgusting values.

California: 1% Nation/Homeless Capitol

California is headed toward a dead-end. Many state senators and defenders of the land will say “We have the fifth largest economy in the world,”. Yet, what these people don’t seem to get, is just because your over all economy is prosperous, doesn’t mean your population shares in that prosperity.

Poverty in California is rising, one in five people are poor and with a poverty rate at 20.6% it makes you really wonder what they’re doing about it. It contains 12% of the nation’s population but contains a third of America’s welfare recipients.  Every year an estimate 25.3 billion of California tax dollars goes to the estimated 3million illegal aliens living there. In light of ICE raiding and deporting the undocumented, who are in many cases violent criminals, California created a budget just for deportation defense. A total of $45 million to give illegal immigrants heading for deportation a lawyer. However, the LATimes reported that not a penny has been spent to help the homeless. They have a total of $2billion to help house the homeless and there has been no sign that anything has been accomplished.

What’s worse; California has 58 laws just to harass, and sometimes even punish, the homeless. This makes life miserable for the homeless, and if anything, makes it harder for them to get OUT of homelessness. It’s even illegal to feed them in public, as though they weren’t human and nothing more than pests.

I was homeless for four years, I know how hard some things were. People look at you as though you’re nothing more than a burden on their eyes. Yet I firmly believe that you can judge a society based on how they treat the people who are most vulnerable. To know that this is how people treat their homeless, people who USED to be part of that community. I say California is disgraceful. The funny part is, the leftists who want illegal immigrants to stay are the same ones who supposedly hate the 1%. Well guess what, you’re living in the 5th largest economy and have the highest poverty rate in America. Do you know what that says? It says you’re living in a nation of the highest concentration of  1% in the country and you glorify it! It puts people who aren’t even supposed to be there above the very people it was supposed to protect. I hope California crashes and burns, they will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Psychiatric Medication is Dangerous

Many people don’t know it, but on the bottle of every psychiatric medication there are warnings that it may cause homicidal or suicidal tendencies. This is the biggest reason that stopping them cold turkey could end up killing you or someone you care about. All drugs have withdrawal effects, and for the weak of heart, they’re in greater danger of experiencing these symptoms.

However, it’s not just the drugs you commonly think about as having these effects. Drugs such as Seroquel, which are commonly used for sleeplessness in people who don’t have mental illnesses, are just as dangerous. They don’t tell you, but medications commonly used for sleep aids every night, are actually psychiatric medications. Withdrawal symptoms for these medications (if you can call them that) also include suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

But in people who are already majorly depressed, quitting these pills can have the same affect as any addict quitting cold turkey. They can fall into such a ditch that there is nothing left to lose, the absence of the drug can intensify the depression into pure insanity.

Every mass school shooting has been done by a child that had been withdrawing from psychiatric prescriptions. Psychiatrists will say that it’s precisely the reason the kid needs the drug so much. The media will argue it’s a conspiracy theory written by a group known as CCHR. Is it? Or are we simply applying a band-aid and avoiding the real problems? Even if CCHR is a conspiracy factory, the facts warrant questioning of psychiatric pills.

Another fact, psychiatric medication is no different than a person self-medicating with alcohol. Yet, for some reason we see one as avoiding their problems and the other as resolving their problems. Why? Because we have been conditioned by big industries and the people they pay off to believe so. Realistically, we’re supposed to find out why we’re taking these pills in the first place through counseling with a goal of getting off of them. Instead of just drugging ourselves into a fake happiness, we need to find the root of our unhappiness and talk about it. Yet we don’t do this, we simply dope our children and forget about how they’re feeling or having any concern about their well-being. An hour a week at a therapist is not enough to heal a deep rooted emotional problem. And don’t get me started on involuntary commitment. They don’t do anything for a person except drug people and ignore them. There’s no real therapy and people inside feel like prisoners instead of patients.

Parents need to wake up, if you have a troubled teen, don’t drug them; because truth be told they are simply a reflection of how much you have or have not loved them.