A New Project Idea, Based on a SAD Story

I have been speaking with a man recently and I feel compelled to share parts of his story. I won’t mention his name however, because I don’t want to put him in an awkward position. He recently had an order of protection placed on him by his now ex-mutually abusive girlfriend. He claimed that she said she was going to do something with their daughter, and all of a sudden she was gone.

He asked me to tell her that he missed her and their daughter when she blocked him on Facebook a few days after she disappeared. He was still in the dark about what was going on at the time. I did so, and she replied:

I don’t know who you are but you should probably mind your own business. Not trying to be rude but he knows where I’m at if he wants to talk to me civilly and not call me a cunt or throw a chair at me. I’m sure he hasn’t mentioned any of that and won’t because he really enjoys playing the victim.

So, I just replied “Understood”, I hadn’t done anything a friend wouldn’t do. However, when I talked to him further, the context of the story changed… A LOT!

“Hit me repeatedly then got me in headlock while I was sitting pulled me over the back of the couch and slammed me on the floor”

This may sound like an outrageous claim by this man, but what if I told you he has a neural condition known as Multiple Sclerosis. Now what if I told you that HE was the one who called the police that night and they didn’t arrest either one due to it being listed as MUTUAL combat?

She was clearly the initiator of the conflict, was deceptive towards me, and played the victim herself.

My point is, why is she being allowed to initiate an order of protection against him and keep their child when she has been the initiator of a documented mutually violent act? This order of protection can ruin his life and he, in the end, will be punished for her being JUST as violent while the courts only acknowledging HIM as the violent one!

This alone is an example of a biased court system, to know that they were mutually combative, but make a judgment in HER favor based on nothing more than her being a WOMAN! If the courts were equal, this order wouldn’t be passed at all!

I’m thinking about working on a list of women NOT to date in Quincy Illinois based on feminist practices. With a list of WHY you shouldn’t date them, and a connection to one of their social media accounts. I must do something about the dishonorable women in my town and I think THIS is one of the best ways to both apply pressure and expose them for what they really are.

Know that whether or not this order of protection is passed I WILL be placing her on this shit list. She has shown to be manipulative and aggressive, she’s not worth dating. I encourage others to make their own lists in their own towns as well.


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