Myths About Female Anti-Feminists

I have supported #womenagainstfeminism since it started, I consider myself an MRA, but more specifically I’m an anti-feminist. There are a whole lot of names I’ve been called just for holding these beliefs. There are several myths about us that are spread around by Feminists and Mainstream media.

  1. We have internalized misogyny- This term basically means that we are self-loathing and deep down we have a secret hate for the female sex. This is simply NOT the case. Most of us simply see the unrealistic standards Feminists hold for men. We see the seething hatred in their rhetoric and call it out for what it is… hateful. Many women don’t like the misrepresentation of todays feminism.
  2. We are against our own voices- Reality is, just because you claim to be a voice for someone doesn’t mean you realistically represent what they believe in. In just the same way, just because you think you know what is best for someone, doesn’t mean you actually do. Feminism is guilty of believing in both things, WomenAgainstFeminism are speaking out about how Feminism mis-represents us. To say that you represent someone without listening to them is false leadership and flat out arrogant.
  3. We are under the control of our men- This statement is laughable, many of us simply care for our men and to assume women are this weak for merely having an opinion is in itself sexist. The more you demonize WomenAgainstFeminism the MORE we will believe our cause is just.
  4. We don’t have minds of our own- Quite the opposite, it is BECAUSE we have minds of our own that we are not complying with Feminism’s bigotry. To believe that Feminism is the ONLY path to equality is naive and, if anything, is a sign of a power-hungry movement.
  5. We Demonize Feminism instead of Talking about Men’s Issues- Actually many of us DO talk about men’s issues, however, feminism is deeply intertwined within men’s issues. Many of their policies have affected men and their relationships to people, negatively. Even when talking about these issues, it is Feminists and Women’s Rights Groups that shut down talking points of very REAL men’s issues. You can’t talk about men’s issues and NOT talk about feminism, when it is BECAUSE of Feminism that many men’s issues exist AND Feminists who prevent people from speaking about them.
  6. We are betraying women that fought for our rights- Not really, the fact is, I’m sure those women wouldn’t have wanted us to use our rights to oppress the other sex. They also wouldn’t have wanted us to keep gender roles (which many women STILL have) to keep children away from their fathers out of spite.

When you sum it up, we are tired of Feminism’s horrible ‘leadership’ then telling us “our leadership is your only choice”. We refuse to accept Feminism’s voluntary blindness to their unequal treatment of men versus women. They’re making our boyfriends/husband’s lives hell, our lives hell, and will probably make our son’s lives hell if we don’t stop it.


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