Why Aren’t Female Rapists Being Locked UP?

With all these accusations of sexual assault, there’s been major outrage about men touching women without consent. Some accusations are at least 25 years old. Yet, in recent years there have been numerous women getting away with it, even when they admitted to it. Even worse, many men are forced to pay their rapists child support.

Nick Olivas became a father at fourteen to a twenty-year old, under state law she should have been convicted and put in prison like any male rapist would. Instead, Olivas was served with child support papers for the six year old daughter he never knew he had. They accused him of owing up to $15,000 in backed child support to a child he couldn’t consent to having in the first place. That is true slavery.

I found another case where a substitute teacher, 24, has sexual relations with a 17 year old male student. She was arrested and her court date was due on July 24th of 2017. Yet I could find no report of the outcome of the hearing. There was absolutely nothing. It was like the news was outraged for her doing it, then she dropped off the face of the planet when it came to whether or not the student obtained justice.

This teacher isn’t the only predator that’s admitted to fault and slipped past justice. Fox news did an article on Female teachers having sex with students. The sad part is that some in the comments actually believed that these young men were throwing themselves at them.

Screenshot-2017-12-5 Female teachers having sex with students Double standards, lack of awareness

The point is not whether or not the boys threw themselves at their teachers, it’s the fact that the teachers welcomed them with open arms. They knew they had a responsibility not to.

And it’s NOT just the boys who are getting targeted by these female perverts. A teacher in Pennsylvania got a slap on the wrist for having more than 200 sexual encounters with two girls. She plead guilty to a number of charges and ONLY got 23months! She played the ‘I’m sorry” game, but her last encounter with the girl was only four days before her arrest! She was sorry she got caught!

Are we really doing enough to punish women who sexually harass and rape boys? I will try to start another list besides my Attack Timeline that helps document the despicable acts that go unpunished due to the female double standard.


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  1. In the Vagina Monologues an underage girl who engaged in sex with an older woman says: If it was rape than it was a good rape.

    That pretty much sums up the feminist double standard in regards to rape.

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