What Parents Can Do To Win their War on Parental Alienation


NOTICE: I am NOT a lawyer and  NOT certified to give any legal advice on this subject matter. If you want any guidance or are curious about one of my suggestions please seek the proper legal council.

I call it a war, because when one parent makes the decision to play dirty it is nothing less than that. However, just because it is a war doesn’t mean you have to sink so low as to fight with the same cruel tactics. No, there are ways of fighting this that won’t put your child in the middle of it, and will win the war in the end.

Only Communicate Through Ways That Can Be Documented

Don’t talk on the phone with your partner unless you absolutely have to. Text messages, emails, voice-mails, and even faxes are some of the best ways. Communicating through verbal conversation can make both of you tense if you’re not already. Be up front about where your partner can find the best way to communicate.

ALWAYS Document Things

It doesn’t matter if your text messages were never answered, if you have continuous documentation that you made the attempts it will look good on you. Remember to TIME STAMP EVERYTHING accurately! If you’re in a state where it is legal to video tape someone without their knowledge, do so. If you must make the person aware, document every pick up and drop off. This is more for the time to line up with any text messages you may get. This will show how late a person is, prove that you were on time, or show that you were stood up. These will solidify your time-line more. If you send things in the mail that NEEDS to be sent (like Holiday Cards with money), take video of the contents, use certified mail with return receipt, and video tape the package being dropped in a mailbox. This way the other parent can’t tell your child that they didn’t receive anything from you or that there was ‘only a card with no money in it’. I suggest not showing this information until they’re older as to not put them in the middle of the situation. But MOST OF ALL, keep these documents ORGANIZED. Last thing you need is to have the documentation, then lose it because it’s too messy!

Always Be Respectful

It’s going to hurt, but it looks better to the court if you are completely respectful through text messages and emails. Especially when your ex is deliberately being cruel.


Keep Buying Gifts

Even if your child is NOT with you, keep buying Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards and other gifts just like you naturally would. When your child comes around, you’ll have something to show.

Make A Video Journal

The best thing you can do is preserve the present in the future. This includes showing the things you buy on the videos. Your child may not understand things now, they may even hate you now, but take it from someone who used to be that child… we always come looking for answers. If you believe your partner is horrible to your child there’s a great probability that they will come seeking you in the future. The best thing you can do is pour out your current emotions into a journal and when your child gets to a certain age, present it to them. Instead of talking badly about the other parent in these videos, talk about how much you miss them, how much you wish you could have been with them, and how much you care. It feels better to a child when they know you’ve dedicated time to them and keeping a video log (TIMESTAMPED) will definitely help!

Always Make Yourself Easy to Find

Sometimes when a child is alienated from the other parent for long periods of time, it is extremely hard to find them. They wouldn’t know where to look. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, once they get to around 17 and a half. You should start doing the following things:

  1. Create a Facebook page- Younger people love social media and it is probably one of the first places they will go in order to dig you up.
  2. Make sure they can realize that you and them are related, but ONLY speak in the third person! (Some judges see speaking on social media in the first person to the covered person as a violation OF the order of protection)

FIRST PERSON: “If you’re reading this and your name is Sean Tyler Heeger born on October 25, 2012, and your mother’s name is ******. Then I am your father”

THIRD PERSON: “My Son, Sean Tyler Heeger, is going to turn 18 on October 25, 2030, his mother’s name was ******, and he was born in 2012.”

I would also suggest placing your number in the phone book within whatever area your child lives in or in a general area.

Tips for Blogs

  • Always write disclaimers on your blogs stating that a person is voluntarily coming
  • If a person claims harassment, USV-Cassidy case-law states that any person visiting a site is doing so voluntarily thus cannot claim harassment and in doing so is harassing themselves.
  • Always state FACTS, allow others to see the same negative opinion that you have made based on those facts. Opinions can get you in deeper trouble and could be used by your ex to validate their claims (even if they’re not true).
  • Always write in third person, this will look like you’re not ‘targeting’ your ex specifically
  • Make accusations in the form of questions: “Did she do this JUST to spite me?”
  • Always keep in mind that your child may see this, this is why basing your blog on facts instead of emotions and having a private video journal for emotion is one of the best ways to go.

This is the best advice that I can come up with based on my personal experiences with this situation. I wish the best in hopes that laws will change so that we have less broken hearts in this world. In the end… we need to think about our children.

However, please seek proper legal council with any of these suggestions.


Myths About Female Anti-Feminists


I have supported #womenagainstfeminism since it started, I consider myself an MRA, but more specifically I’m an anti-feminist. There are a whole lot of names I’ve been called just for holding these beliefs. There are several myths about us that are spread around by Feminists and Mainstream media.

  1. We have internalized misogyny- This term basically means that we are self-loathing and deep down we have a secret hate for the female sex. This is simply NOT the case. Most of us simply see the unrealistic standards Feminists hold for men. We see the seething hatred in their rhetoric and call it out for what it is… hateful. Many women don’t like the misrepresentation of todays feminism.
  2. We are against our own voices- Reality is, just because you claim to be a voice for someone doesn’t mean you realistically represent what they believe in. In just the same way, just because you think you know what is best for someone, doesn’t mean you actually do. Feminism is guilty of believing in both things, WomenAgainstFeminism are speaking out about how Feminism mis-represents us. To say that you represent someone without listening to them is false leadership and flat out arrogant.
  3. We are under the control of our men- This statement is laughable, many of us simply care for our men and to assume women are this weak for merely having an opinion is in itself sexist. The more you demonize WomenAgainstFeminism the MORE we will believe our cause is just.
  4. We don’t have minds of our own- Quite the opposite, it is BECAUSE we have minds of our own that we are not complying with Feminism’s bigotry. To believe that Feminism is the ONLY path to equality is naive and, if anything, is a sign of a power-hungry movement.
  5. We Demonize Feminism instead of Talking about Men’s Issues- Actually many of us DO talk about men’s issues, however, feminism is deeply intertwined within men’s issues. Many of their policies have affected men and their relationships to people, negatively. Even when talking about these issues, it is Feminists and Women’s Rights Groups that shut down talking points of very REAL men’s issues. You can’t talk about men’s issues and NOT talk about feminism, when it is BECAUSE of Feminism that many men’s issues exist AND Feminists who prevent people from speaking about them.
  6. We are betraying women that fought for our rights- Not really, the fact is, I’m sure those women wouldn’t have wanted us to use our rights to oppress the other sex. They also wouldn’t have wanted us to keep gender roles (which many women STILL have) to keep children away from their fathers out of spite.

When you sum it up, we are tired of Feminism’s horrible ‘leadership’ then telling us “our leadership is your only choice”. We refuse to accept Feminism’s voluntary blindness to their unequal treatment of men versus women. They’re making our boyfriends/husband’s lives hell, our lives hell, and will probably make our son’s lives hell if we don’t stop it.

Why Aren’t Female Rapists Being Locked UP?

With all these accusations of sexual assault, there’s been major outrage about men touching women without consent. Some accusations are at least 25 years old. Yet, in recent years there have been numerous women getting away with it, even when they admitted to it. Even worse, many men are forced to pay their rapists child support.

Nick Olivas became a father at fourteen to a twenty-year old, under state law she should have been convicted and put in prison like any male rapist would. Instead, Olivas was served with child support papers for the six year old daughter he never knew he had. They accused him of owing up to $15,000 in backed child support to a child he couldn’t consent to having in the first place. That is true slavery.

I found another case where a substitute teacher, 24, has sexual relations with a 17 year old male student. She was arrested and her court date was due on July 24th of 2017. Yet I could find no report of the outcome of the hearing. There was absolutely nothing. It was like the news was outraged for her doing it, then she dropped off the face of the planet when it came to whether or not the student obtained justice.

This teacher isn’t the only predator that’s admitted to fault and slipped past justice. Fox news did an article on Female teachers having sex with students. The sad part is that some in the comments actually believed that these young men were throwing themselves at them.

Screenshot-2017-12-5 Female teachers having sex with students Double standards, lack of awareness

The point is not whether or not the boys threw themselves at their teachers, it’s the fact that the teachers welcomed them with open arms. They knew they had a responsibility not to.

And it’s NOT just the boys who are getting targeted by these female perverts. A teacher in Pennsylvania got a slap on the wrist for having more than 200 sexual encounters with two girls. She plead guilty to a number of charges and ONLY got 23months! She played the ‘I’m sorry” game, but her last encounter with the girl was only four days before her arrest! She was sorry she got caught!

Are we really doing enough to punish women who sexually harass and rape boys? I will try to start another list besides my Attack Timeline that helps document the despicable acts that go unpunished due to the female double standard.


He got away with it, plain and simple. There truly was no justice! Where has the justice department gone when politics can now decide the fate of a person being charged with a crime? How is it justice when you can now get away with murder simply for being a certain ethnicity? It’s almost like saying, “If you fit my narrative I won’t convict you”

The Kate Steinle case has been in the spotlight long enough for people to know some of the facts. However, it boggles my mind that some people on the left say, “So what how is this any different than any other San Francisco Murder?”

Screenshot-2017-12-5 (1) Liberals Conservatives

  1.  It’s confirmed he did it- The thing is, she died because of his actions there’s been NO debate on that. Even though he painted it like an accident.
  2. They had him IN custody- Not every killer can be taken in because there’s either not enough evidence to arrest, or they simply never find the killer.
  3. The gun that killed Steinle was designed so that it was safer and wouldn’t misfire!
  4. His defense stated that it accidentally discharged… when he had to manually place it into a certain position FOR it to discharge.
  5. The weapon was a handgun, meaning he had to pick it up to at least a certain level before it went off.
  6. The issue was turned into a race issue for anyone NOT liking the verdict (talk about victim blaming)

Some say that the verdict only seems like an injustice because of the individual details of the case. The reality is, the individual details of the case are all based upon the defense saying it went off by accident, with no evidence to support this thoery. If anything there is more evidence to support that it could not have gone off by accident. So they made the verdict based upon believing the word of a four-time criminal felon NOT on the evidence.

One must ask why he picked the gun up to begin with? If he saw some random gun why would he pick it up instead of just leave it? What if this gun were involved with a previous murder; did he really want his fingerprints all over it? The very fact that he picked it up at all can be considered a negligent action, especially when he has a track-record of being violent. It shows intent to use the weapon by just picking it up.

Picking up a weapon, when you’re unfamiliar with that weapon, in a public and populated place, is a negligent action. However, if you were familiar with that weapon, then you’d know the weapon has a specific device that prevents it from going off. Either way- you’re guilty of something.

Many point out that if the government had done its job, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Which is the reasoning behind people requesting the wall to be named “Kate’s Wall”.

The reality is this isn’t just like another case in San Francisco,  they dismissed the charges based on the word of a man who is untrustworthy. Even though there was more evidence to convict him, the jury based their verdict on sympathy on nothing more than the fact that he was an illegal alien. They opened their ears to him because of his ethnicity. People fight saying he shouldn’t be considered guilty based on him being deported five times. We’re not saying that, we’re saying that we had the evidence for guilty; it was the verdict of not guilty that was based on him being illegal.