A Higher Form of Consent


Many feminists will say that men have a responsibility to pay for a child if they have sex. They claim that consent starts when they slip into bed with a partner. Yet, I feel there is a higher level to consent and men should not be forced to pay any child support, whether they consensually had intercourse or they were tricked.

If a woman doesn’t necessarily consent to having a child by simply having sex or being a ‘baby factory’. Then doesn’t this mean that the acts of reproduction and pleasure are two completely different actions? According to Feminism, when it applies to women this is how it is. Simply having sex doesn’t mean you consent to reproduction right?

If this is the case with women, why are we applying an old fashioned standard to men? Women have access to multiple forms of birth control, including plan B, and abortions as last resorts. When we say that a man consented to having a child when he had sex, is that not saying that men are nothing more than ‘baby factories’?

My point, there is a difference between consenting to sexual activity and consenting to reproduction. If the slogan “my body, my choice” rings true, then she holds the power to reproduction, not the man. They are separate actions and to meld them together for one sex, but not the other is a form of mistreatment and inequality.

Now some will say that if she engages in sexual activity and she happens to get pregnant then she doesn’t have a choice. Actually, this day and age she does, if her partner wants to have an abortion and she doesn’t, she is essentially consenting to having the child against his will.

But what about the women who claim their religion prevents them from getting an abortion?  To this I answer, if she wasn’t for her religion when engaging in intercourse why the change in heart? Why does she believe in the rules now? Because she’s in trouble and is drowning? You either believe in ‘my body, my choice’ or you believe in not having sex until marriage, there is practically no real in between. I’m not saying don’t engage in sex, go ahead and engage, but know that the possibility of ruining your own life is there, and morally someone else should not be responsible for your decision when you are well aware of the potential it holds.

To any woman that uses religion as an excuse to not have an abortion to an unwanted child, where was your faith before that? Sorry, but last time I checked, God didn’t believe in sex before marriage anyways. If you believe in ‘my body, my choice’ and don’t take the measures in order to prevent conceiving a child or have the child against the father’s will. I will hold you to your word, but I’ll add a few more “My body, my choice, my responsibility”. Either be the baby factory with men… or refuse the sex roles of both sexes and take care of your own choice.