Two Major Reasons Mark Zuckerberg Should Never Be President

There’s been a whole lot of talk about Mark Zuckerberg running for President in 2020. Besides the fact that Mark Zuckerberg would probably be nominated by the worst party in American History, here are two major reasons NOT to vote for the Facebook billionaire.

His Site Promotes Censorship

Facebook has a serious censorship problem. You either share Facebook’s values or you don’t speak. Facebook became a publicly traded company in 2012 which means that the freedom of speech must be upheld. However, it’s been many Conservatives’ experience that they are censored for simply having certain views. Now, some might say that since Zuckerberg only holds 28% of the shares that make up Facebook today, that’s 1/5 of the shares. He is also Chairman of the Board, which means he has a lot of say in what happens and nearly every major problem reaches his ears. How does he allow censorship to continue under his watchful eye?

If Zuckerberg can’t fix the censorship problem within his own circle, with only four others, what makes anyone think he can fix America’s problem when it comes to the attack on freedom of speech? What makes anyone think he would want to fix it? Is he the one issuing the orders of censorship without even realizing it? If anything, the problems when it comes to shutting down the freedom of speech will only increase under his watch. There’s a good chance identity politics will get worse instead of better and we’d be sinking into a depression again.

He Has Communist Beliefs

Mark Zuckerberg gave a commencement speech at Harvard and stated that he believed in universal basic income for everyone. This is a communist idea, and it’s dangerous to give the Presidency into the hands of a person who actually have these financial beliefs. Not only does it threaten our Constitutional Republic, but it threatens the very already fragile economy we have. If he were to implement such ideas, this country would crumble due to instability, it only being a matter of when. Universal basic income is a Utopian idea, last time I checked, utopias didn’t exist.

Communist regimes have killed more people than the Nazis, for some reason educated people are highly unaware of this. Probably due to their professors brainwashing them. No wonder most of the “educated” people voted for Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t because they were smarter, it’s because colleges have become ideological programming institutions.

There’s one sure thing that will happen if Zuckerberg is elected, our country will be destabilized once again. Maybe even more so than when Obama held office. Tensions are high enough as it is, and the last thing we need is for someone with these two problems in a position of Political Power.








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