Practice What You Preach Leftists: Quit Bullying the President

After North Korea tested its new weapon, Donald Trump did not initially make a statement. It was 1:45 in the morning on the American Continent Central time. However, President Trump took to twitter to express his thoughts on the matter. He designed his statement to apply social pressure on China.











But of course people are never satisfied with this president. It didn’t take long before the trolls came in after him on this tweet.










Every one of his tweets has a hoard of these disgusting comments on them. They outnumber his bullying tweets at least 300 to one!

You know I hear a lot from the left about bullying. Especially the part about on-line bullying and quite frankly the president has been “behaving himself” on his twitter account. His worst tweets that could even be interpreted as ‘bullying’ lately are:

He retweeted this; it’s a joke and it’s funny! (Honestly even I retweeted this one lol)




This might be considered “bullying” by the left, but I personally don’t think so.

You could say he’s bullying the media by saying the magazines are dying… but that’s not a false statement!


This is one people hate because of the Truth about Mexico and it coming off as what the left says “anti-immigrant”.

What people don’t know is that for every one of these comments, he has three to five tweets focusing on plans or praising others….

and even these tweets, tweets that honor other people, are followed loyally by left trolling bullies out to simply bully the president.

Leftists are nothing but hypocrites to bully the president, then turn around and call him a bully. They call him incompetent, but the Democrats are only creating the illusion of incompetents. The outrage over some of his comments is seriously unwarranted. Democrats should really learn to practice what they preach, quit bullying the President.


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