Local Quincy Artist Allegedly Responsible for KKK Graffiti: Here’s Why

Quincy is one of the tiny towns in Illinois that voted strongly for Trump. However, we have our own little #resistance. Nothing made that more clear than when graffiti started popping up of a hooded KKK figure with a noose around its neck and a swastika on its head around town.


They ended up in three different places until they finally made an arrest.

I looked up this man’s name on Facebook and wasn’t really surprised. This is probably how the police found him too.


  1. If you go to the west corner of 8th and York you’ll notice a house covered in art. Not too far from that, you’ll notice a garage covered in signs that has anti-Trump rhetoric on them for all the world to see. This house instantly popped into my head even before I had a name, I’m sure this house popped into the authorities heads too. (Remember he’s STILL innocent UNLESS proven guilty!)
  2. He’s an Artist and has all the tools required to do the job that was done.
  3. The suspect has a picture of himself at one of the sites where one of the graffiti figures showed up, the train tracks. Even if they are not the same train tracks, it means it is worth investigating and is deemed suspicious. screenshot-www.facebook.com-2017-09-02-19-22-36
  4. Other than the train tracks, the other two tagged locations were within walking distance of his house.
  5. His work history and where he’s from shows he’s a prominent Liberal.


You might say, you’re doxxing him, that’s wrong! Actually no, I confirmed his address through his public court records in connection to the story. Anyone with brains could have figured this out. However, remember, just because he got arrested doesn’t mean he’s guilty… he’s out on bail right now, everyone is considered innocent unless proven guilty. Only time will tell if he’s behind Quincy’s #resistance graffiti.





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