Fake News is Profiting Off of America’s Conflict: Especially for Foreign Writers

Post after post, you see appalling things, you’re overcome with outrage and share it. Who could be for such a thing? Only to find out that the story was made up! It’s everywhere on Facebook, so think twice before hitting that share button!

As a conservative, if we truly want to look like the better half, we need to call out the fakes on our own side. We can’t claim #CNNisFakeNews and then allow sites like Catchthenewsfirst.us to put up such obviously false articles. Looking up this domain on who.is, you find that the owner actually lives in ALBANIA!


It’s not the only only site that I found that had a foreign writer behind the domain. One webpage called Redpolitics.Us falsely spread the narrative that the FBI Director declared ANTIFA a terrorist organization. Red politics means that it supposedly represents the Republicans, well it doesn’t! A matter of fact, if you look up the domain’s information on who.is, you’ll find the domain’s owner doesn’t even live in the United States.


Even though the domain holder lives in this country may not mean they don’t simply hire American writers. However, I looked into that as well, and it turns out, he writes everything.


Another fake article floating around on Facebook was about the Boston Marathon Bomber. Of course when you look up the domain user’s information you find out that they’re located in Ontario Canada and probably have no idea what’s going on nor care.

So next time you see an article on Facebook that rubs you the wrong way, look up their domain on who.is you might be surprised to find your eating a foreign writer’s work of fiction.



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