Two Major Reasons Mark Zuckerberg Should Never Be President

There’s been a whole lot of talk about Mark Zuckerberg running for President in 2020. Besides the fact that Mark Zuckerberg would probably be nominated by the worst party in American History, here are two major reasons NOT to vote for the Facebook billionaire.

His Site Promotes Censorship

Facebook has a serious censorship problem. You either share Facebook’s values or you don’t speak. Facebook became a publicly traded company in 2012 which means that the freedom of speech must be upheld. However, it’s been many Conservatives’ experience that they are censored for simply having certain views. Now, some might say that since Zuckerberg only holds 28% of the shares that make up Facebook today, that’s 1/5 of the shares. He is also Chairman of the Board, which means he has a lot of say in what happens and nearly every major problem reaches his ears. How does he allow censorship to continue under his watchful eye?

If Zuckerberg can’t fix the censorship problem within his own circle, with only four others, what makes anyone think he can fix America’s problem when it comes to the attack on freedom of speech? What makes anyone think he would want to fix it? Is he the one issuing the orders of censorship without even realizing it? If anything, the problems when it comes to shutting down the freedom of speech will only increase under his watch. There’s a good chance identity politics will get worse instead of better and we’d be sinking into a depression again.

He Has Communist Beliefs

Mark Zuckerberg gave a commencement speech at Harvard and stated that he believed in universal basic income for everyone. This is a communist idea, and it’s dangerous to give the Presidency into the hands of a person who actually have these financial beliefs. Not only does it threaten our Constitutional Republic, but it threatens the very already fragile economy we have. If he were to implement such ideas, this country would crumble due to instability, it only being a matter of when. Universal basic income is a Utopian idea, last time I checked, utopias didn’t exist.

Communist regimes have killed more people than the Nazis, for some reason educated people are highly unaware of this. Probably due to their professors brainwashing them. No wonder most of the “educated” people voted for Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t because they were smarter, it’s because colleges have become ideological programming institutions.

There’s one sure thing that will happen if Zuckerberg is elected, our country will be destabilized once again. Maybe even more so than when Obama held office. Tensions are high enough as it is, and the last thing we need is for someone with these two problems in a position of Political Power.








Practice What You Preach Leftists: Quit Bullying the President

After North Korea tested its new weapon, Donald Trump did not initially make a statement. It was 1:45 in the morning on the American Continent Central time. However, President Trump took to twitter to express his thoughts on the matter. He designed his statement to apply social pressure on China.











But of course people are never satisfied with this president. It didn’t take long before the trolls came in after him on this tweet.










Every one of his tweets has a hoard of these disgusting comments on them. They outnumber his bullying tweets at least 300 to one!

You know I hear a lot from the left about bullying. Especially the part about on-line bullying and quite frankly the president has been “behaving himself” on his twitter account. His worst tweets that could even be interpreted as ‘bullying’ lately are:

He retweeted this; it’s a joke and it’s funny! (Honestly even I retweeted this one lol)




This might be considered “bullying” by the left, but I personally don’t think so.

You could say he’s bullying the media by saying the magazines are dying… but that’s not a false statement!


This is one people hate because of the Truth about Mexico and it coming off as what the left says “anti-immigrant”.

What people don’t know is that for every one of these comments, he has three to five tweets focusing on plans or praising others….

and even these tweets, tweets that honor other people, are followed loyally by left trolling bullies out to simply bully the president.

Leftists are nothing but hypocrites to bully the president, then turn around and call him a bully. They call him incompetent, but the Democrats are only creating the illusion of incompetents. The outrage over some of his comments is seriously unwarranted. Democrats should really learn to practice what they preach, quit bullying the President.

North Korea Tests Successful Hydrogen Bomb Designed for ICBM!

At 1:42AM on September 3 North Korea Announced its successful test of its hydrogen bomb designed for ICBM! Social media is in an uproar over it!

There was an earthquake like last year, except it was larger.

Later the South Korean Military confirmed it was a nuke

There have been no official statements yet from any State Officials and no comments from Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Local Quincy Artist Allegedly Responsible for KKK Graffiti: Here’s Why

Quincy is one of the tiny towns in Illinois that voted strongly for Trump. However, we have our own little #resistance. Nothing made that more clear than when graffiti started popping up of a hooded KKK figure with a noose around its neck and a swastika on its head around town.


They ended up in three different places until they finally made an arrest.

I looked up this man’s name on Facebook and wasn’t really surprised. This is probably how the police found him too.

  1. If you go to the west corner of 8th and York you’ll notice a house covered in art. Not too far from that, you’ll notice a garage covered in signs that has anti-Trump rhetoric on them for all the world to see. This house instantly popped into my head even before I had a name, I’m sure this house popped into the authorities heads too. (Remember he’s STILL innocent UNLESS proven guilty!)
  2. He’s an Artist and has all the tools required to do the job that was done.
  3. The suspect has a picture of himself at one of the sites where one of the graffiti figures showed up, the train tracks. Even if they are not the same train tracks, it means it is worth investigating and is deemed suspicious.
  4. Other than the train tracks, the other two tagged locations were within walking distance of his house.
  5. His work history and where he’s from shows he’s a prominent Liberal.

You might say, you’re doxxing him, that’s wrong! Actually no, I confirmed his address through his public court records in connection to the story. Anyone with brains could have figured this out. However, remember, just because he got arrested doesn’t mean he’s guilty… he’s out on bail right now, everyone is considered innocent unless proven guilty. Only time will tell if he’s behind Quincy’s #resistance graffiti.




Fake News is Profiting Off of America’s Conflict: Especially for Foreign Writers

Post after post, you see appalling things, you’re overcome with outrage and share it. Who could be for such a thing? Only to find out that the story was made up! It’s everywhere on Facebook, so think twice before hitting that share button!

As a conservative, if we truly want to look like the better half, we need to call out the fakes on our own side. We can’t claim #CNNisFakeNews and then allow sites like to put up such obviously false articles. Looking up this domain on, you find that the owner actually lives in ALBANIA!


It’s not the only only site that I found that had a foreign writer behind the domain. One webpage called Redpolitics.Us falsely spread the narrative that the FBI Director declared ANTIFA a terrorist organization. Red politics means that it supposedly represents the Republicans, well it doesn’t! A matter of fact, if you look up the domain’s information on, you’ll find the domain’s owner doesn’t even live in the United States.

Even though the domain holder lives in this country may not mean they don’t simply hire American writers. However, I looked into that as well, and it turns out, he writes everything.

Another fake article floating around on Facebook was about the Boston Marathon Bomber. Of course when you look up the domain user’s information you find out that they’re located in Ontario Canada and probably have no idea what’s going on nor care.

So next time you see an article on Facebook that rubs you the wrong way, look up their domain on you might be surprised to find your eating a foreign writer’s work of fiction.