Time to Take New Jersey’s Advice!

Just yesterday Antifa has, yet again, committed numerous assaults in Philadelphia. They stalk Trump supporters like blood-thirsty zombies that haven’t eaten in days. All in the name of preventing something that they themselves loyally live by, fascism.

They have committed a number of stabbings and assaults all while hiding behind masks. They come from all corners in life, one was found to be a college professor. Scary to know that a fascist mind was teaching the next generation. One woman even went so low as to stab an officer’s horse in the neck for no apparent reason. The horse was fine and she was arrested, but to harm an animal for nothing more than a political quarrel is itself a fascist tactic. Even Hitler spared the horses… and that’s saying something.

Finally, one state has had enough of Antifa! New Jersey has been the first state to officially declare Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization! It’s about time somebody did it and the rest of the country should follow! Had this been a conservative group going around stabbing people it would have made this list a lot sooner and we wouldn’t be doing this state by state.

This group isn’t only in New Jersey though, it is in major Liberal cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco. Those are just the places that are large and in charge, not the places where people are thinking of putting groups together.

The only way for Antifa to get the picture is to turn out the lights on its legality across the board. Make it a domestic terrorist organization throughout the entire United States and it’s numbers will shrink. However, this will be seen by Antifa as the “fascists” taking control of the “people” (aka them the fascists) and they will fight back harder. There will be more severe attacks in the end. However, if people have not already sided with Antifa, it is highly unlikely that they want to be associated with them, thus it is likely that their numbers will shrink after being labeled a terrorist group.

Sorry Antifa, but left OR right…. most people DON’T believe in organized violence JUST to be hurting people!


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