The “Butcher”

He is an Iraqi fighter who gives ISIS a taste of their own medicine, and his colleagues are loving every minute of it. His name is Aziz Falah, however, he has been nicknamed ‘the butcher’ because he has started decapitating ISIS fighters.

Warning Graphic Content!

He is said to have beheaded around 50 militants out of revenge for the deaths of his four older brothers. He claims, “They’ve driven us to (do this), they’ve killed our compassion.” This documentary was taken by a Swedish newscast, this young man is out for blood. His family was torn from him and he seeks revenge.

However, experts are worried about the disregard for the rules of warfare. Blind rage doesn’t get very far on the battlefield. Yet, for now Aziz and his comrades will rejoice in their total destruction of the worthless Islamic State. In this part I agree; they are worthless, they deserve destruction.

Personally, I think if he feels he has nothing to live for, other than to take out the scum of the Earth known as ISIS, go for it. Many others feel the same way, not many will stop you.

However, there is the other side of the coin too. It is hard to feel sympathy for your enemies, but you must be the better person. Do we really want to sink to that level? I know he has lost his family, but isn’t that the reason to not become the monster? Isn’t it because we are better that we do not do these things? To prove that you can be better than your opponent? To prove that you’re not like them? You’d be amazed at how much playing a victim role can give you support, no matter how evil your ideological intent. By doing this, I fear Aziz may be adding just as many heads to ISIS’ army as he is cutting off.


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