Before You Say “Pulling Double Duty” Tomorrow


The words are on the cusp of every feminists’ lips and everyone knows it. Before the words are uttered I’d like to simply say… DON’T. It’s called Father’s Day for a reason, there’s a day where women who pull ‘double duty’ are honored all day and it came and went back in May. Now we give respect where respect is due, to honor the men who help shape the lives of our children. Even if our children are unaware of it thanks to the very unfair court systems.

A woman will never replace a father. Of course Feminists don’t think that as you can see every year the hashtag on twitter #EndFathersDay  always manages to spring to life with stark raving mad third wave feminists. Who really believe that men don’t deserve their own Holiday.


Of course it will die by the end of the week and the zombie will arise next year to try and end fathers day once again. Which will never happen, it just socially wouldn’t work.

What is so wrong with wanting our fathers to feel appreciated? What is so wrong with having women being respectful enough to hand over their pride for a day, stand down, and let their partners feel like they’re appreciated parental figures? Like they’re not just there to be bank accounts, they’re not there to put food on the table, they’re not there to clothe you, but for a day they can feel like they’re there because they’re wanted. Believe it or not fathers want to be loved back. When you take Fathers Day away from them that’s what you take away. By acknowledging single mothers, you take away from the fathers, because the child of that single mother has a father. Just because she is single, doesn’t mean he is not a father. I have yet to see a sign that says, “happy fathers day to all those fathers pulling double duty”.

So instead of glorifying single mothers tomorrow, why not congratulate all those single fathers for pulling double duty on father’s day. From now on, let’s keep the congratulating of single mothers restricted to her own holiday.


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