This #Rapeculture Parent Trend Is a Joke


It’s no news that to anyone that follows social media that a new trend has popped up among social justice mothers. All in the name of stopping the next generation of boys from becoming rapists and ending the cycle of what is known as #rapeculture. Mothers are starting to ask their son’s permission to touch them in any way. The bottom line lesson here is helping them understand what consent is. To this I say, your logic is flawed.

This boy is six months old, he doesn’t know what you’re saying. To teach consent you have to first learn to understand language. Before he or she, my bad, he because apparently in 2017 only boys can grow up to become sexual perpetrators. Her son hasn’t even spent a year outside of his mother’s womb and she’s already thinking about sexual misconduct as a possibility in his future. She’s already seeing her son as an enemy that has to be ‘tamed’ so to speak.

What will happen if she keeps this up when he does learn language? What happens when she does ask his consent to pick him up and he understands every word? Isn’t that just an over glorified kiss-ass nanny instead of a parent? Wouldn’t that child turn into a spoiled brat and more likely to turn into a person who would lurk in a dark alley to get what he wanted than a respectable person who learned what consent was?

The reality is, children don’t learn consent from their parents asking the children for their consent. Children learn consent from seeing their parents respectfully interacting with one another and interacting with other adults. Which is why we see more and more disrespectful children, because they’re seeing less and less of that interaction due to the decrease in respectful interaction between two consenting adults.

Want to teach your son consent? Be respectful to your partner and vise versa, have fair debates, don’t assume boys are more likely to be sexual predators than girls simply because of their gender, and simply treat others the way you want to be treated.


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