The Democrat’s Reaction SUCKED!

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Four republicans were shot by some random loser who just up and decided, “It’s a nice day today, I think I’ll go shoot up some conservatives,” James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois was a Bernie Sanders supporter who took his protesting too far. Which the left seems to be doing a lot of lately, and has been getting away with it too I might add.

In an interview of one of his friends by Fox News he stated that Hodgkinson, “he’d never back down from anybody, in a bar fight or whatever…he stood his ground” 

Well that’s all fine and dandy, you have every right to defend yourself cheers, but what I think I should mention is this guy wasn’t standing his ground. Many leftists also don’t understand the concept of when to back down. There always seems to be this militarized ‘don’t back down’ mentality, they don’t realize it’s actually the most naive strategy of all. It often fails and when it eventually does fail, they can’t take the loss. That seems to be the theme that goes across the spectrum no matter what brand of left you are, you can never take a loss.

Thus my conclusion, when I finally heard the news at 11:11 this morning as I was on my lunch break, the Leftist reaction was absolutely disgusting, especially on Twitter. People, both with fame and without, even gave praise to the shooter for his actions:

As you can see Malcolm Harris is “rolling his eyes” to the Steve Scalise shooting. Of course, he likes to mention in his other tweets how he deserves it because of his reference to a quote referring to former KKK leader David Duke.

In the past Scalise did mention that his views were like David Dukes without the ‘baggage’, of course, that whatever that means is open to interpretation. And if the media loves anything, it’s quotations that are open for interpretation to ruin a political opponent. You don’t have to change the quote, you just have to put it out there, the mind will shape it into whatever it wants it to mean and things will go from there.

Does this make Scalise a white supremacist? I don’t know, I don’t really even care. Hodgkinsons wasn’t out to just shoot Scalise, he was out to shoot every Republican at the field. That’s the main point, the second point is to condone shooting someone just because they’re a white supremacist makes you just as bad as the white supremacist who actively kills people for their skin color doesn’t it?

The Democratic reaction to this shooting was awful, Nancy Pelosi turned over and talked about togetherness with no emotion in her voice at all. No we are not together. There is a clear non-togetherness, it needs to be addressed that we are NOT together and there needs to be a clear acceptance of it. There needs to be a clear acknowledgement that it’s okay to be different, because the violence isn’t coming from us. I think the only Democrat that I must respectfully acknowledge as doing a great job was Bernie Sanders. He condemned it fully, and sternly. As he should knowing that it was his own supporter. But I must say, it is sad that it had to come to this in order for congress to finally address the violence that has been happening in America. That finally someone had to die over pure political views, even if they were the perpetrator, pure political views in order for congress to acknowledge there was violence. The political middle is gone, congress needs to get its act together. The Democrats in congress need to learn to take a loss, pass Trump’s people, give in to see Trump win, stop encouraging such things as resist, before they see America lose.


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