America’s Under Siege

America is caving in on itself, the people are turning against each other based on their petty differences and many small towns aren’t even really aware of whats going on outside of what the news is telling them . Let’s face it, most of us don’t take the time to actually go out and look up the information for ourselves, we sit comfortably and let the information be brought to us. This is where the media takes advantage of us, and this is where they hope we stay ignorant. This is where they shape our minds into believing what they want us to believe.

What if I told you that everyone in America has the same goals? You’d probably call me crazy, but it’s true. We all want respect, we all want dignity, peace, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, where we all disagree, is how we go about obtaining those goals.

Democrats want more government, Conservatives want less government, Muslims want to indoctrinate Sharia Law, Feminists and Social Justice Warriors want to use identity politics to push social agendas and incriminate anyone that may offend them. We are a nation of different belief systems and I encourage every one of my readers to look into different points of view. The more you know about another person’s point of view, the more confidence you can grow on where you stand in your own point of view. Or you may even find things you never knew before and change your beliefs like I did.

Isis is out there, even within our own borders, and they are our number one enemy; but right now we have another great enemy. Ourselves. We are being demolished from within, now enduring a cultural castration of almost all western cultures. Feminism, Leftists, Democratic Officials, and a split Conservative party could just hand America and Europe to a third world state on a golden platter with a nice bow on top.

Somehow we need to clean up this mess and do it fast.


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