My Hillary Friend

It was 2016 and I had just started my welding job at Manchester Tank. I hadn’t made many friends. I was young, a woman,  and the only millennial that wasn’t glued to their phone during break time. The only thing do was stare idly. I was very quiet, but I decided to take a chance and started talking to an older man known as Raymond Spoon or Ray as we called him.

He was an older white man, with large amounts of facial hair and always had his head covered. He was grandfather-like but not too innocent. He listened to me when I was feeling down, made me laugh, and had regular conversations when everyone else was burried in their devices or ignored me. He may have been only a co-worker, but he made me feel like a human being again, instead of just human labor.

He described his displeasure for Donald Trump, and it was on!

He would tease me about my support for him by describing how stupid his policies were, I would tease him about it, by wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat right in front of him at lunch. Of course all he did was laugh and said, “I dare you to wear that in North Packaging!” Realizing he was right and that I would probably create a harder work environment for myself, knowing that sooner or later I would have to work in North Packaging I took the hat off. Beat red, I never wore the hat back knowing that not everyone are as cool with opposing political opinions as he and I.

As time went by, the work got slower and people were placed on different lines to compensate for the lack of work on our own line.

When tragedy struck.

One of my co-workers came to me and told me Ray had been taken out by Ambulance. Unfortunately, I had no other choice but to keep working. It wasn’t until later that we found out that he had been working all this time on a defective heart valve. He had had a heart attack.

And to this day just thinking about it brings me to tears, tears I’ve had for no other family or friend near their time of possible death. I didn’t cry when my own grandpa fell down the steps broke his neck and died and I knew him nearly all my life. I knew this man for less than nine months and the thought of losing him breaks my heart.

And even though Ray is alive and well, it is ironic that I feel so deeply for someone who supposedly was supposed to be deemed a political opponent in 2016.

My advice to the world is to put down your phones, and talk to people, you may not agree with Donald Trump, but you may find that you love each other more than you hate each other.


Before You Say “Pulling Double Duty” Tomorrow


The words are on the cusp of every feminists’ lips and everyone knows it. Before the words are uttered I’d like to simply say… DON’T. It’s called Father’s Day for a reason, there’s a day where women who pull ‘double duty’ are honored all day and it came and went back in May. Now we give respect where respect is due, to honor the men who help shape the lives of our children. Even if our children are unaware of it thanks to the very unfair court systems.

A woman will never replace a father. Of course Feminists don’t think that as you can see every year the hashtag on twitter #EndFathersDay  always manages to spring to life with stark raving mad third wave feminists. Who really believe that men don’t deserve their own Holiday.


Of course it will die by the end of the week and the zombie will arise next year to try and end fathers day once again. Which will never happen, it just socially wouldn’t work.

What is so wrong with wanting our fathers to feel appreciated? What is so wrong with having women being respectful enough to hand over their pride for a day, stand down, and let their partners feel like they’re appreciated parental figures? Like they’re not just there to be bank accounts, they’re not there to put food on the table, they’re not there to clothe you, but for a day they can feel like they’re there because they’re wanted. Believe it or not fathers want to be loved back. When you take Fathers Day away from them that’s what you take away. By acknowledging single mothers, you take away from the fathers, because the child of that single mother has a father. Just because she is single, doesn’t mean he is not a father. I have yet to see a sign that says, “happy fathers day to all those fathers pulling double duty”.

So instead of glorifying single mothers tomorrow, why not congratulate all those single fathers for pulling double duty on father’s day. From now on, let’s keep the congratulating of single mothers restricted to her own holiday.

This #Rapeculture Parent Trend Is a Joke


It’s no news that to anyone that follows social media that a new trend has popped up among social justice mothers. All in the name of stopping the next generation of boys from becoming rapists and ending the cycle of what is known as #rapeculture. Mothers are starting to ask their son’s permission to touch them in any way. The bottom line lesson here is helping them understand what consent is. To this I say, your logic is flawed.

This boy is six months old, he doesn’t know what you’re saying. To teach consent you have to first learn to understand language. Before he or she, my bad, he because apparently in 2017 only boys can grow up to become sexual perpetrators. Her son hasn’t even spent a year outside of his mother’s womb and she’s already thinking about sexual misconduct as a possibility in his future. She’s already seeing her son as an enemy that has to be ‘tamed’ so to speak.

What will happen if she keeps this up when he does learn language? What happens when she does ask his consent to pick him up and he understands every word? Isn’t that just an over glorified kiss-ass nanny instead of a parent? Wouldn’t that child turn into a spoiled brat and more likely to turn into a person who would lurk in a dark alley to get what he wanted than a respectable person who learned what consent was?

The reality is, children don’t learn consent from their parents asking the children for their consent. Children learn consent from seeing their parents respectfully interacting with one another and interacting with other adults. Which is why we see more and more disrespectful children, because they’re seeing less and less of that interaction due to the decrease in respectful interaction between two consenting adults.

Want to teach your son consent? Be respectful to your partner and vise versa, have fair debates, don’t assume boys are more likely to be sexual predators than girls simply because of their gender, and simply treat others the way you want to be treated.

The Democrat’s Reaction SUCKED!

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.jpg_7138698_ver1.0_640_360

Four republicans were shot by some random loser who just up and decided, “It’s a nice day today, I think I’ll go shoot up some conservatives,” James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois was a Bernie Sanders supporter who took his protesting too far. Which the left seems to be doing a lot of lately, and has been getting away with it too I might add.

In an interview of one of his friends by Fox News he stated that Hodgkinson, “he’d never back down from anybody, in a bar fight or whatever…he stood his ground” 

Well that’s all fine and dandy, you have every right to defend yourself cheers, but what I think I should mention is this guy wasn’t standing his ground. Many leftists also don’t understand the concept of when to back down. There always seems to be this militarized ‘don’t back down’ mentality, they don’t realize it’s actually the most naive strategy of all. It often fails and when it eventually does fail, they can’t take the loss. That seems to be the theme that goes across the spectrum no matter what brand of left you are, you can never take a loss.

Thus my conclusion, when I finally heard the news at 11:11 this morning as I was on my lunch break, the Leftist reaction was absolutely disgusting, especially on Twitter. People, both with fame and without, even gave praise to the shooter for his actions:

As you can see Malcolm Harris is “rolling his eyes” to the Steve Scalise shooting. Of course, he likes to mention in his other tweets how he deserves it because of his reference to a quote referring to former KKK leader David Duke.

In the past Scalise did mention that his views were like David Dukes without the ‘baggage’, of course, that whatever that means is open to interpretation. And if the media loves anything, it’s quotations that are open for interpretation to ruin a political opponent. You don’t have to change the quote, you just have to put it out there, the mind will shape it into whatever it wants it to mean and things will go from there.

Does this make Scalise a white supremacist? I don’t know, I don’t really even care. Hodgkinsons wasn’t out to just shoot Scalise, he was out to shoot every Republican at the field. That’s the main point, the second point is to condone shooting someone just because they’re a white supremacist makes you just as bad as the white supremacist who actively kills people for their skin color doesn’t it?

The Democratic reaction to this shooting was awful, Nancy Pelosi turned over and talked about togetherness with no emotion in her voice at all. No we are not together. There is a clear non-togetherness, it needs to be addressed that we are NOT together and there needs to be a clear acceptance of it. There needs to be a clear acknowledgement that it’s okay to be different, because the violence isn’t coming from us. I think the only Democrat that I must respectfully acknowledge as doing a great job was Bernie Sanders. He condemned it fully, and sternly. As he should knowing that it was his own supporter. But I must say, it is sad that it had to come to this in order for congress to finally address the violence that has been happening in America. That finally someone had to die over pure political views, even if they were the perpetrator, pure political views in order for congress to acknowledge there was violence. The political middle is gone, congress needs to get its act together. The Democrats in congress need to learn to take a loss, pass Trump’s people, give in to see Trump win, stop encouraging such things as resist, before they see America lose.

America’s Under Siege

America is caving in on itself, the people are turning against each other based on their petty differences and many small towns aren’t even really aware of whats going on outside of what the news is telling them . Let’s face it, most of us don’t take the time to actually go out and look up the information for ourselves, we sit comfortably and let the information be brought to us. This is where the media takes advantage of us, and this is where they hope we stay ignorant. This is where they shape our minds into believing what they want us to believe.

What if I told you that everyone in America has the same goals? You’d probably call me crazy, but it’s true. We all want respect, we all want dignity, peace, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, where we all disagree, is how we go about obtaining those goals.

Democrats want more government, Conservatives want less government, Muslims want to indoctrinate Sharia Law, Feminists and Social Justice Warriors want to use identity politics to push social agendas and incriminate anyone that may offend them. We are a nation of different belief systems and I encourage every one of my readers to look into different points of view. The more you know about another person’s point of view, the more confidence you can grow on where you stand in your own point of view. Or you may even find things you never knew before and change your beliefs like I did.

Isis is out there, even within our own borders, and they are our number one enemy; but right now we have another great enemy. Ourselves. We are being demolished from within, now enduring a cultural castration of almost all western cultures. Feminism, Leftists, Democratic Officials, and a split Conservative party could just hand America and Europe to a third world state on a golden platter with a nice bow on top.

Somehow we need to clean up this mess and do it fast.